Criticize my outfit for today!

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    I always follow the "post your outfit for today!" thread and I'm always admiring the pics. My outfits look nothing like that... So I was thinking: why not open a thread where other tpf'ers can give advice on how to make a certain outfit look bett
  2. I think I should go first?

    Here's my outfit for today:
    zara jeans
    zara cashmere sweater
    leather no brand boots
    Anya Hindmarch for target bag with LV heart

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  3. First, I gotta say, i LOVE your LV heart :heart:!!!!

    Hmmm, maybe add some layers to the outfit (jacket, vest...) and some accessories (scarf, long necklace)?
  4. This is a good idea, albeit not for the sensitive!

    I would add a thin belt ..
  5. I would add a bright color scarf. It would pop (since your entire outfit is neutral color). I red one would be nice, because it would match your LV heart.
  6. It's a choice to enter this thread and we're all adults, I think this can go in a polite way?

    I allready love the responses. It's often a simple thing I just didn't think off. I like the scarf and thin belt idea!
  7. Good idea, I would suggest a thick belt and maybe a layered necklace. Love your LV heart btw and your boots!
  8. This is a good idea!

    And yeah, I think it would look awesome if you had a chunky knit sweater vest (an open sweater with no buttons of anything) and a cute skinny or regular sized patent black belt with a silver buckle (to match the bag's hardware). I don't know, I think that'd look super cute..
  9. I love all the ideas! Sometimes I get so stuck on outfits..

    I just hope there'll be others to join me in this post :P
  10. Another question: How to wear belt? I'm tall with long legs and a short torso. I feel a waist belt makes me look out of proportion or do I wear it a tad lower than my waist?
  11. I would add a long necklace (layered, thin or chunky) to your outfit or a colorful scarf.
  12. I love this thread! Great idea. I'm a SAHM and right now I'm in jeans and a hoodie so I can criticize my own outfit today but I will definitely join in at some point.

    Pinkgoldfish, I'm built like you so I'll just be borrowing your critiques for now.:supacool:
  13. I agree with this! It's a great outfit and a pop of color would complete it nicely! :tup:
  14. I'd add a long necklace and some bangles
  15. Great idea for a thread! I might have to post some of my outfits. I know I definitely need help.
    I would definitely add a colorful scarf to the outfit. A red one would be great to match the LV heart!