Cristina's Gifts To P. Diddy X2

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  1. [​IMG]

    Since Christina Aguilera knows what a girl wants, the pop diva sent a giant gift basket of baby items for Diddy's newborn twin girls, D'Lila Star and Jessie James

    Aguilera contacted baby boutique Petit Tresor on Tuesday and had over $1000 worth of girly things shipped to the music mogul's mansion. Merry Christina-mas!

    The basket, which included two of every item for Diddy's kiddies, consisted of frog slippers, hand-embroidered clothing sets, musical teddy bears, pink cherry shoes, chenille pillows, mobiles, and leather diaper bags which retail for $340 each.

    Beside being friends, X and P share a business relationship; Christina is featured on Diddy's latest single "Tell Me," while his girl group, Danity Kane, will open for Aguilera on her upcoming tour.

    Diddy and girlfriend Kim Porter welcomed the twins on December 21.
  2. Awwwwwww tooooo sweet!!!
  3. I have to say - marriage really agrees with her! Brit could take a few lessons, Jess as well.
  4. How sweet of her ! :yes:
  5. I really do like her! So sweet :love:
  6. That was nice. Are they friends?
  7. so sweet of her .. i recall that she sent Brit spears when she had her 1st baby i guess .. or was it a wedding gift? ...anyway .. so sweet of xtina
  8. so cute! love those cherry slippers.

    wonder if all this baby shopping will inspire her to be the stylish pregnant star of 07?

  9. Yes, they are very good friends.
  10. I really like Christina. Her and her hubby are so cute together.
  11. amen!!:yes:
  12. cristina seems to be the only true lady among the whole young-hollywood lot, good for her. i'm really starting to like her, i wasn't a huge fan for a while.
  13. That was really nice of Christina. She acts more mature now, which is a good thing. I didn't used to like her, but now, I really like her. Her music is sooo good. She send a gift to Britney also when she gave birth.
  14. I like Cristina and I like the song she and Diddy have out right now.
    This girl has a great voice.
  15. Diddy is no dummy...he knows the girl can sing!

    Nice gesture Christina.