Cristina Leaving Hyde With Her Fendi Buckle Bag Last Night

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  4. I :heart: Christina , i'm totally her biggest fan!
    She looks beautiful as always, her look is amazing! :love:
    Great pics Prada, thanks!
  5. Oops she forgot her pants!:shame:

  6. :graucho: :roflmfao:
  7. I'm generally a fan of her....think she has a great singing voice and is very pretty but she wears FAR TOO MUCH makeup....ugh!!
  8. How embarassing for her.
    LOL! I was just about to add that I'm beginning to get sick of looking at all of the super super short mini dresses that everyone sports.
  9. lol!! :roflmfao: I was thinking that too.
  10. Her pants are MIA!
  11. She looks cute. I love the Fendi, but I'm so used to seeing her with a B-Bag.
  12. I think that she looks really pretty. I do agree that she wears way to much makeup.
  13. I love this whole look! I never wanted that Fendi bag so much as I do now!
  14. Yep... she sure knows how to slap it on. :yes:
  15. she is beautiful and yet i think her dress looks good because she has the body for it.