criss cross lindsey slouch

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  1. Does anyone have a pic of what her slouch looks like after some use?
  2. I would also like to see! After seeing it in person a month ago in the FP store, I may have to hunt one down! I am concerned with how delicate the etching/stitching? is. Has anyone had problems with tearing? Is it the type of bag you have to "be careful" with or can you use it as an everyday bag?
  3. I too would like to know about this. If the info is out there, I'd love to know! Thanks.
  4. I looked at a few today, actually had one on hold but I didn't buy it. I didn't love the leather on them.
  5. The leather is a bit stiff, i have it in Sophia, the moisturizer will soften it a bit, but it's a different kind of leather than the regular lindseys
  6. I just bought this bag. I keep peeking in here for an answer, too. It's so pretty I barely care about the slouch. I can't keep my eyes off it!
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    Is this the one with the perforations? The leather is stiff but it probably has to be so that it doesn't stretch out.
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    Does anyone have any information on how this bag wears over time? I'm increasingly curious about whether it wears fine (read: like other Madison woven and perforated items) or if the quantity of perforations/woven parts on this bag make it more delicate.

    I know from experience that my large woven sophia has worn like a champ, and I don't feel like I need to baby the bag. Ditto with my woven B.S. bags. Somehow, this criss-cross leather (though perfect at present) seems a little different to me (stiffer). This may actually result in the bag wearing quite well, but I'd love to get some feedback before I start snipping tags.

  9. So does stiffer leather bags split with time?? I am curious to hear what people who have had worn this bag has to say too.. Thanks for everyone's help.
  10. i got the acorn criss cross lindsey during the june pce but decided to return and exchange her for the woven laila in slate at the outlet. i find the leather stiff and easily gets scratched... it came from JAX and the leather at the the back had some discoloration and parts were wrinkled and all that. i like the design... i just wished the woven areas extended all the way in the back just like the woven sophia (older version) not just in the front area. i am not sure if this kind of leather will soften up after how many uses....but i love the color and design... looks bohemian/vintage!!!!
  11. The bag can be scratched very easy, that's why it needs a lot of moisturizer to avoid dryness
  12. I returned mine . . . one of the reasons being the stiff feeling. Hopefully with use it goes away!
  13. Hmmm.

    As I picked up my criss-cross at outlet price, I'm definitely keeping it... and using it... and maybe will take it out this weekend if nobody else posts something about how this bag wears (I'll go all expedition leader on this bag and let y'all know what I find out! I don't mind making my bag the guinea pig)
  14. I saw maggie today. It wz stiff n i didnt like the feel

  15. Hi CashmereFiend.

    I just picked up my Black Criss Cross Lindsey the other day at outlet. I’m just wondering if you have used yours and how she is holding up, is the leather softening up and if so how does the criss cross look.

    I’m not so worried about any scratching of the leather, I have another bag from coach that is the same leather and she buffs up beautifully.

    I’m just wondering if you still love her, I hope so cause I think she is just gorgeous!