Criss Angel-Mindfreak or Phony?

  1. Just saw some reruns on the Discovery Chanel...what does everyone else think of him?

    I think it's all just illusions and camera tricks...done by a guy who wears eyeliner.
  2. he's an illusionist:yes:
  3. yup .... he's an illusionist ..... just like my SO :love:
  4. ^^oooh, really mara? neat!
  5. I think he's too overdramatic and quite annoying but some of the tricks are sort of cool if I can make myself watch.
  6. Did you guys see him on CSI:NY? He played some neurotic revenger.
  7. yeah, but without the make-up :wacko:

    I think Chris Angel is a lot of fun to watch .... I'm not really into the "big" names (Copperfield, Klock, etc), too commercial for my taste :shame:
  8. My dad know's Chris Angel and they are magicians...that's it (well I used to be one too). I consider it an art form and entertainment. He is good at what he does.
  9. I actually really like him, despite the eyeliner and such he acts totally normal and seems genuinely nice. He is an illusionist, but I think its pretty amazing what he does, it blows my mind!!
  10. bahahaha..yeah, eyeliner and guys should never go together.

    is it just me, or is criss angel excessively flirty?
  11. I like him, he's extremely clever
  12. ^^yes, i have to agree, he is damn good at what he does.
  13. my friend said one thing after watching his show..

    "he is the devil"

  14. I've been to one of his shows and at the angle we were sitting you could see how some of the tricks were performed (really disappointing..nobody wants to see how its done lol), but it was still somewhat entertaining. Its pretty increible how quick he moves ~just watch closely ;)
  15. did anyone see the episode where he was like floating from the roof of one building to another.. it was friggin incredible!!! I couldnt see strings, mirrors or anything, someone pleaseeee try to explain this to me.. lol :nuts: