Crispy Nylon Tote...

  1. What do you think about this? is it worth the investment? I have been looking for a purse that will last me a while, isnt too trendy and is versatile, like i can carry this in my hand but also on my shoulder with the long strap. is there any other suggestions for another purse with these qualifications around the same price range? it doesnt necessarily have to be prada but i really do love prada. :yes:
  2. Here it is in black at Styledrops and you can use the discount code I posted in my thread for free shipping all this week for tPFers!
  3. I love this bag.
  4. yes i really do love it, and i would of course get it in classic black.
  5. There is a KILLER CRISPY E/W style with the metal plate on the handles..Saw it at Prada Broadway store.It was only like 1495 too..Im prob gonna get it eventually!
  6. Anyone that's been here any length of time knows how I feel about Prada pricing on nylon bags, but I seriously do love the designs of them. This one in particular! :nuts:

    Gotta ask though: who in the HECK at Prada came up with the name "Crispy" to describe their new nylon line??? I nearly spit my coffee on the monitor when I saw the first of them on Styledrops last month. Probably my dirty mind at work, but it sounds obscene to me! :roflmfao: