Crisis on NBC

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  1. Crisis premieres on NBC March 16. It looks good! Gillian Anderson & Dermott Mulroney are in it. Anyone else planning on watching?
  2. Was I the only one who watched? Lol
  3. I watched it. I liked it but didn't love it. I like a lot of the actors in it so I'll give it a few more episodes.
  4. I felt the same way. It seemed like some of the actors were over acting...didn't seem natural. I'll give it a chance though because the storyline is intriguing.
  5. It was enough to keep me interested to see what happens next. It was nice to see Gillian Anderson.
    I convinced dh to watch too.
  6. I'm interested to see what will happen next week. It's nice to see Lance Gross in a TV role. I've enjoyed the movies that he's been in.
  7. I like it so far; there were many twists in the plot which I enjoyed. Happy to see Lance Gross on TV again. I'm just happy that it doesn't interfere with Resurrection.
  8. Yes to Lance Gross! :smile:
    Resurrection was the other show I wanted to watch but I missed the pilot plus yesterday's episode.
  9. I quite like it.
    I hope it keeps up.
    Most of the series I loved turn out pretty boring along the season.

    I loved the beginning of Hostages and I don't think I even watched the full season after the first couple of episodes.
  10. I thought it was OK
    Not dying to see the next episode which isn't a good sign......a show like this should have you on the edge of your seat when the episode ends.
  11. Very very interesting!! I am curious to see where this goes. Definitely will keep it on my list.
  12. Who watched last night? It was a fast paced episode! Funny how they added the Aziz character for this episode. I don't remember him from epi 1.
    Have they figured out that Beth Ann's dad (Dermott Mulroney) is ex-CIA? Isn't that significant in their investigation?
  13. So, BRAVOs People's Couch now has me wanting to watch this show.
  14. Lol, their reaction was similar to mine when I watched the first episode. I really like this show so far!
  15. I really need to stay up late enough to watch this show.

    I like how Crisis is going so far but am wondering if it is going to be like 24? They focus on one situation all season and then have a new problem the next season? I am not seeing how this kidnapping would make for multiple seasons.