CRISIS! (and a bag gadget you might like)


Feb 16, 2010
So, learnt my lesson the other day and will NEVER buy flip top water bottles again.

half a 1litre bottle inside my mabel *sobs*
it seems to be drying out ok and the colour doesnt seem to have changed at all (its pale pink crinkled patent)

this happened on friday and it still seems kinda damp
i put kitchen paper in the outside pockets and pulled up the lining in the main pocket to try and soak a bit of the water up and let it air out overnight after it happened, since then i've left it open to dry with no tissue as i worried it was stopping the air circulating (?)

is there anything else i can do?

also, it feels a bit funny. powdery if that makes sense on the outside it was well and truely waterlogged (puffy feeling leather and all) and i wonder if its maybe something left behind after the water's evaporated... what can i do to clean/moisturise/get rid of it

also, midway through my look at the current ebay offerings for mulberries i found this

seems like a pretty good idea to avoid those sagging bags
Jul 9, 2009
have seen those- cant see why a stiff bit of card wouldnt do the same job though? Good luck with the rescue on the bag- Im sure someone will be along to help re avoiding staining etc


Mar 5, 2009
Sorry to hear about the water damage... hope it dries up nicely! I don't have any good tips for you though, hopefully someone else will.