crinoline-horshair please post your pics

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  1. I love crinoline and I was searching in the other threads but most of the pictures are gone...

    Please post your pictures:flowers:
  2. I have this posted in the Hermes Styles thread, but here it is again:


    Etoupe 35cm Birkin clemence / crinoline
  3. That's one beautiful bag!*sigh*
  4. OMG!:drool: you have a DREAM bag!!! This is the most incredible, beautiful purse ever!!:heart:
    How is it? I mean what is your opinion on this birkin compared to the others?
  5. wowza, diamonds -- that's a smokin' great bag!

    here's natural barenia with ivory crin in a 40cm -- nice and light for a big bag!

  6. stunning bags!
  7. DQ stunning purse!!!
    What is your opinion on the crinoline compared to the other H birkins?
  8. Those are gorgeous. I have my eyes set on a Crinoline Blue at the moment. Beautiful.
  9. I love this. DQ, where/when did you get it? I've never seen anything like it!

  10. I have never seen a blue one!
  11. Well, it's a cream Crinoline but with a gorgeous navy trimmings.
  12. I wish I could get one like yours one day. Do they take posdium or SO for this kind of birkin?
  13. Black barenia/crinolin combo...

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