crinoline AND toile bags???

  1. i have a 40cm birkin in barenia and natural colored crinoline. i was just wondering (hypothetically, to channel shopmom) whether getting a bag in barenia and natural toile would be too similar -- not the same size, but let's say a birkin 35 or HAC. if it were a question of two bags in identical leather i probably wouldn't hesitate, but with crinoline and toile in light colors i feel limited to using them in warm weather.

    the thing is, i LOVE barenia - and i LOVE toile! but given that my finances do not allow for unlimited bag purchases, would i be being a big doofus for getting such similar bags, even though they're among my very favorite that hermes makes?

  2. i love barenia too so i say get everything barenia you possibly can.
  3. Hard decision, but if you feel you won't use it much, I would say pass.:heart:
  4. Hi DQ. I think the barenia/toile combination is going to be more structured on either a HAC or birkin than the crinoline/barenia combination.Since you already have a similar combination in a larger size, I would definitely get it in a smaller size of either 35 or 32 for contrast. In this way it will be more of a smaller handbag. In this way, you have the perfect combination you always love in 2 sizes which you can alternate from like 2 pairs of wonderful and comfortable shoes for daily wear.
  5. J's words are very wise. I think it depends on how much use you think you will give the bag and whether or not another combination would be more desirable for you. If barenia is the absolute IT leather for you, then I think a 32 or 35 would be great assuming you use the 40 for work or travel. Personally, I like variety in form and function so I don't have to stand too long in the closet wondering which one to use. Is there another shade you think you could do? Say Barenia in Ebene or Indigo?

    Btw, I think that Ebene Clemence and dark crinoline combo we saw in a 40 Kelly would be a nice alternative and great for fall/winter in a 32 or 35!
  6. that is a tough call. i would try to think of a situation where you want to use the crinoline but not the toile or vice versa. If you can come up with one, then by all means purchase it :tup:
  7. JH says it all....and I love the analogy with the comfy shoes!!!! It's so, so true.............
  8. ....and then I would add that you deserve this gift to yourself, DQ.
  9. I say YES. You will love Barenia and toile.
  10. I personally feel that if the bags are going to be different sizes, it's at least more practical than if they were the same size and the main difference was crinoline vs. toile.
    For myself, I would actually probably choose a different combination or a more "wintery" bag if I already had a crinoline, though. That's mainly because I live in the Northeast, though, and our summers aren't all that long! Not to mention the fact that I also don't have an unlimited bag budget, so I try to sort of diversify a bit. But I think we all have our own strategies for building our collections, and that's what makes this fun! :biggrin:
  11. Barenia and toile is my holy grail birkin, so I say YESSSSS!!!
  12. Tough question DQ...I am inclined to agree with jaegerhomme, re: the size issue. If you imagine you would use a 35 or 32, then go for it. I adore barenia, as you know!! :smile:
  13. Hello DQ,

    ITA with Orchids' suggestion.
    Just an idea - Birkin 35 or HAC in Barenia/Toile,
    but Barenia in Ebene with Toile in Vert Militaire - it would be gorgeous with any HW and quite uncommon. This is the combo I hope to get one day, since Natural Barenia and Toile will be too unpractical for me at this time in a larger size (and I got a Trim 2 in this combo to satisfy the craving...).
  14. i say get it, although i think you should get a diff size or style of bag......maybe a HAC or kelly? i adore toile and barenia. the only experience i have with crinoline is with my jige, which i rarely use but certainly love.
  15. DQ you should definitely get some barenia and toile if that's what you love but probably get a variation on the bag style or size. There's nothing like having a few of your favourite combos around.

    I'm a bit fan of toile and would probably love crinoline if I could get my hands on a bag with one. So far I've got 3 bags now that are leather-toile combos, but they're all different styles.