Crimson tote or Whiskey Mandy


Apr 19, 2007
My Christmas presents that are tucked away are:

Crimson tote - Large
Signature parchment stripe satchel
Lg Beet Carly
Cream/blue lozenge tote

These were purchased at the last PCE because I wasn't sure if I would get an invite in Dec. but I did.

The Crimson tote is the only one I could give up and possibly trade in toward the Mandy. I have always lusted over the whiskey satchel but feel the Mandy would be better because of the shoulder strap. My outlet is holding a Mandy until Monday for me. If it's really scratched up, I won't have to make this decision. I really can't afford another bag because I just purchased the white bleecker with matching wallet and the parchment stripe zip wallet for PCE. I do like the Crimson tote but think the Mandy might be better. I have read the stories about the one that got away. I just don't want to have regrets later because I know I might not ever be able to get the crimson again. The carly is similar in color to the tote so I don't know if I need two like that. My new Bleecker is the only all leather bag I have. I'm usually very decisive but this stumps me. Any ideas from someone who has both.



Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
If it's in good shape, I would take the Mandy. I've wanted that bag for a LOOONG time and everyone needs a great leather bag. The whiskey color is as close to the original Coach design as you will get - it most resembles a baseball glove that they were trying to make a bag like...and it's a beautiful design.
I would trade in the crimson tote - a beet Carly is much more joyful, and probably get the Mandy.


Mar 29, 2007
It really depends upon what your style is and what you think you'll use. The crimson tote is really practical, gorgeous and lightweight. The mandy is heavier but the leather is amazing and it is also very practical. For me, this bag would have been one of those 'the one that got away' bags because I really loved it but not at retail or even PCE price.

The more I look at it, the more I love it, and it's just such a versatile bag. I have a feeling that once you get to the outlet and look at it, you're going to know if you want it. Try it on, walk around the store and see what you think.

Good luck! I have to say that the whiskey mandy I picked up is in incredible shape--couldn't believe it, really.
Mar 30, 2006
I can't help you there! I have the crimson tote and love it. There aren't any more available so if you return it you can't buy it from Coach in the future. Of course the same is true with the mandy so it is just going to have to come down to which bag you love more. I love the mandy but I hear a lot of people saying it is really heavy. I had one and returned it way back when they were in stores because it was just too awkward to use, but would probably snatch one up if I could now. Best of luck, you have some wonderful and hard to find goodies!!!


Peace, Love, Coach
Jun 1, 2007
My advice would be to keep an open mind until you get to the store and have a chance to inspect and wear the Mandy around for awhile (unpack your bag into the Mandy and carry it around the store to get a true feel for what it will feel like). Let your instincts help you make the decision. Usually you can just tell, you know?

I personally love the Mandy (although it's too big of a bag for me) but cannot picture the crimson tote...