Crimson Sophia and Finger prints?

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  1. Hi all,

    I ordered the Crimson Sophia and matching wallet today. I can't wait to get it!! I am wondering if the finger prints are a deal breaker for any of you? The handbag is so gorgeous but I notice every slight touch seemed to show up on the display. :thinking:
  2. good question ive seen this bag from afar and wondered myself. the patent leather is so smooth it seems like it would have a bunch all over in no time.
  3. I have the Crimson Checkbook wallet and finger prints do get all over the patent leather but I love it so much I don't mind at all. The crimson patent is so gorgeous. I want the sophia so bad in the Crimson color.
  4. I wanted the crimson Sophia, but bought the checkbook wallet instead. And yes, it shows lots of fingerprints so I can imagine how much the bag would show them. I would be constantly wiping her off!
  5. I passed on the accessories because of fingerprints, but don't think it will be as much as an issue with the purse because I don't handle it like I would a wallet.
  6. It was full of prints on the shelf at the store and they showed a lot. :sad:
  7. I think it gets handled more in the store than it would when you own it.
  8. I've used my patent crimson shoulder bag about 5 times and today I did notice a finger print when it was sitting in the sun. I just wiped it with the cuff of my sleave and it was gone instantly. It's not something that would bother me... however a wallet might. I can see that a wallet would be handled constantly and so it may show fingerprints often...
  9. Yeah I got the wallet too. I am just wondering if I might should exchange it. It is such a pretty set though.
  10. i just got the wallet and yeah lots of fingerprints on the wallet but theres that little care card that says you can just use a cloth and wipe it off
  11. i have the purse and wallet set. my purse doesn't have that many fingerprints since i don't handle it that much. but my wallet does get a lot of fingerprints on it. just take a tshirt or a cloth and wipe it, it'll be good as new

    the display get handled a lot since everyone is trying it on or touching it or whatnot. as long as everyone isn't touching your purse, you should be fine
  12. I have the Crimson Patent Wristlet and the Crimson Large Madison Shoulder bag. I do notice a lot of finger prints on the wristlet, but I hardly get any on my purse since I pretty much just pick it up with the straps.
  13. Yeah I posted this before I got my beauty. As far as I can tell she is perfection and I never even think about finger prints. I am so glad I purchased this bag. I have been getting so many compliments and she is a great bag.
  14. ^thats great you should post pics here of you new beauties!
  15. Here she is..I have this and Camel.