Crimson Signature Stripe Scarf (you will drool)!

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  1. I had NO IDEA this existed till Julie (jewlebeanie) pointed it out to me, and now I'll be getting it in less than a week! THANK YOU JULIE!

    I would have posted it in my white signature stripe tote thread but I just found out I got a second chance offer for it so I'm gonna get it! WOOHOO! Check it out-- have any of you seen this before? I see it came from an outlet.... I ended up paying $33, have you guys seen what these retail for?

    I really do think I have enough crimson stripe now... though there is still the umbrella and the zip-around wallet....

    any other crimson pieces I'm missing? :graucho:

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  2. Nice!!
  3. Gorgeous!! :drool::tup:
  4. I saw the punch ones like this at the outlets for $39.99 plus 30% off, so you got a good deal!
  5. I really love the crimson stripe stuff, cute find!
  6. Oooh, Court, did you say PUNCH?! I bet that was GORGEOUS.... AUGH, I'd kill for one of those!!!!
  7. it was like 2 months ago, they might still be around

    it's not a ponytail scarf though, it's the longer big scarf
  8. The color is so rich and beautiful!!
  9. The color is so rich - delicious!
  10. I know, it would make such a fabulous belt! That's how I'm going to use this one :yes:
  11. Don't think it was me hehe :shrugs:
  12. I thought it was you who said "hey sarah, check this out!" When I posted my last crimson stripe scarf.... maybe not... well, thanks to whoever it was, and you still rock, julie! :cutesy:
  13. that second seller annoys me because she is in no way a platinum power seller as she claims (shes a gold power seller)
  14. i posted an ebay link telling ya to check it out, but I didn't know if it was me you were referring to here, so I kept my mouth