Crimson patent red zippy?

  1. Has anyone purchesed this wallet? Any thoughts or reviews? I saw it and fell in love with it today and wanted to know what the Fellow TPF members have to say :smile:
    Pros/cons or any thoughts? Just the red patent alone made me gush. I didnt want to let go ehehe :smile:
  2. This is the wallet :smile:
  3. I like it!
    The color is fab and I like the zip around wallet style.
  4. Me too the color really caught my eye in store :smile: the pic doesnt do it justice. I must go back :smile:
  5. this wallet is beautiful!
    It would go well with my Crimson Patent Lindsey :biggrin:
  6. I love the color and style of the wallet!
  7. I got excited when I saw the title because I thought you meant there was a crimson patent zippy wallet!! I would love to have one of those!!

    Your crimson zip around wallet is very pretty. Anything crimson is gorgeous :smile:
  8. I only have one wallet in this style but I like it. I think you will find they are really handy :smile:.
  9. Yeah it seems roomy and iphone fit perfectly :smile:
    BTW i love your Avatar :smile: