Crimson Madison Shoulder Bag or Cranberry Maggie?

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  1. If you could only have one great red bag which would you choose?
  2. Crimson Madison Shoulder bag without a doubt for me. :tup:
  3. Crimson Madison Shoulder bag for sure! I do a little happy dance every time I look at mine!
  4. Crimson shoulder bag! Love her!
  5. Cms
  6. Crimson Shoulder Bag...
  7. Crimson shoulder bag definitely
  8. Crimson shoulder!
  9. Do you think the crimson is too much to wear for casual? I wear my jeans a lot, but really want that pop of red.
  10. I think they are both gorgeous....can't go wrong with either. It just depends what size bag and color hardware you prefer.

    I did see the patent cranberry maggie at nordstrom, and it was gorgeous. I think it had silver hardware and obviously is a lot smaller in size compared to the mad shoulder bag.
  11. I wear mine with jeans all the time and it looks great. It's one of those bags that looks good whether your dressed for business or casual.;)
  12. crimson shoulder bag especially with jeans :drool:

  13. Crimson- I heard that some people thought the cranberry came in too pinkish/purplish on some of them. I love the new crimson color
  14. I may be the lone voice here, but go for the Cranberry Maggie. It's a purse than can go with just about anything.
  15. The Maggie also...they are essentially the same color but the Maggie is a textured patent leather which means it would show it has a bit more structure