Crimson and in action!

  1. She is out with me today for the first time!! Wooohoooo!!!

    Seriously so loving this bag.... I love that it has some weight to it too from the leather and hardware. It feels soft and lush. Usually I am not even a fan of gold hardware but they look really nice against LP leather!

    I am expecting a package too from the online sample sale!

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  2. Looks great!!!
  3. Love shotgun shots....Crimson looks beautiful!

    What did you get at the sample sale??
  4. Looks great!
  5. Thanks!!!

    Ohhhhh I got 2 different sets of bracelets. and I got the sand and stud clutch that I have been eyeing. I did miss out on one bracelet that I wanted but I know for next time to grab it fast. And some more did come on that I loved. So not too bad at all. Did you get anything from the sample sale too? I am waiting on my packages to come..
    Oh I also got a black cross body.
  6. Nice Crimson bag!
  7. Thinking of this bag myself. One on eBay that is cool. Please PM me if you can and PLEASE tell me how to post from my Iphone or Ipad to the Forum.
    I sure appreciate it!
  8. Download the Purseforum app from the iTunes store and post through the app. :smile:
  9. Ohh just seeing this now. Yes correct.. Download the app. So much easier to post photos with the app too on the iPhone and iPad. Let us know if you have any trouble. Should be easy peasy!
  10. Cute bag!