crikey mate!

  1. is anyone else as gutted as i am that steve irwin died? he was a total legend- possibly the funniest bloke ever! only three other people have died due to a stingray its so unfair. :crybaby:
  2. I am very haunted by his death. I can't stop thinking about this wonderful man. He came across as down to earth and so very caring. Almost as if he was an animal in a human body this time around. (if you believe in reincarnation). I think celebrity deaths are always shocking, but Steve's really has impacted many more on a much larger scale IMH. I want this to be one long horrible nightmare. He deserved a much longer life, and to be with his sweet little Bindi, Bob and Terri. Ofcourse his best mate DAD! Yes, there are others feeling the extreme sadness to. RIP STEVE:crybaby: Maybe his purpose was served, and his time was to go on to other things. :sad: