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  1. YSL in Chicago closed!!!!!

  2. Bummer :sad: Did they say why?

    We don't have one here in Seattle so I always have to order from out of state but at least I save on tax.
  3. Do you mean its closed permanently because of the economy? Recently YSL boutiques closed on Madison Ave NYC and in San Francisco as well, if I remember correctly.

  4. Yes, closed permanently. It has a list of other stores in the window plus YSL.com. :sad:
  5. ^That's too bad!
  6. Now I lost my SA!!!! :pout:
  7. ^^Did you mean also that the online boutique is closing?
  8. No...they had it on the list of other "stores."
  9. Wow! That is sad, especially for all the employees.
    Does that mean our beloved YSL brand is not selling so well?
    If not, then so much for the idea we read about on here a little while back to stop putting items on sale as much, going the route of LV, etc.?
  10. There were really only a few stores on that list - I was surprised how few, like maybe 6 in the whole US.

    I'm sure the stupid sales tax had something to do with it here, at least. Right now it's the highest in the nation and shopping on Oak and Michigan Ave is hurting.
  11. oh no, thats not good.
  12. Not surprised Chicago was the next to go, luxury retail sales in Chicago are horrible right now. Not as bad as San Francisco which is so bad stores might as well close their doors but it's in the top 3.
  13. What's the other city (#2)?

    I stopped in Hermes to get a scarf ring and the place was buzzing!!! Strange...
  14. San Francisco is number one and Las Vegas Chicago are two and three but I don't remember which is worse.