*cries a little* What to do about my ivory Paige with dark jean ruboff?

  1. My ivory Paige is a true thing of beauty. Just gorgeous in every way. But I wore her withdark jeans many times before being admonished not to, and now she has blue ruboff pretty much all over.

    I have used Apple Leather Cleaner, but that really didn't remove any of it at all. Any other recs? I'm heartbroken and I want her back to her new condition.
  2. I'm so sorry. That is such a drag. Have you done a search for previous threads on color transfer? I think there are several of them. I believe I recall a few people saying that they had good luck with white erasers, of all things.
  3. I am certainly no expert at this, but I was just thinking of saddle soap.....I wonder if that would work. It does get smears and smudges off saddles. Just wondering! Wouldn't that be wonderful??
  4. No to the saddle soap. I did that to a bag and ruined it and LMB says it changes the PH of the leather and will ruin it. It's for harder leather...like saddles.
  5. Thanks for the clarification, Lexie. I saw a product on the internet that works on saddles and purses, and car seats, too, so I thought that it might be a suggestion. But we don't want to ruin the bag!!! Good catch!
  6. Oh no, not the beautiful Paige:sad:

    I have an Ivory Sienna and have talked about this so many times, wore it with a black t-shirt and it stained like mad..managed to clean most of it off with leather cleaner (but if Apple Guard doesn't work, I wouldn't know what to suggest) My Sienna still looks pretty good, but Ivory Koobas and dark clothing is a bad idea...
  7. This happened to me with a pair of light colored boots, the only thing that worked was to take the boots to a leather professional to have them cleaned. Professional cleaners can work miracles (and the prices aren't as bad as you'd think, especially for an expensive bag), I would take your bag in for an estimate. I bet it can be cleaned :smile:
  8. I honestly don't think there is anything that you can do to get rid of the ink. Take it to the drycleaners and see what they can do. This once happened to a leather jacket i had and there was no hope:sad:
  9. Gosh. I was considering getting an older Kooba in that ivory lambskin myself and it has some pen marks.... I have some LMB here at home and I'm wondering if it'll remove the stains as well.
    Is it all just a lost cause when it's on the lighter bags???
  10. aerynna, I had an ivory Lucy earlier this year and had the same thing happen when I wore jeans. I was able to completely remove the blue color from the bag with Coach Leather Cleaner.
  11. Oh what good news!!!! What happened to her? Do you still have her? :crybaby:
  12. ^Nope. I sold her on eBay. After the jeans color transfer incident, I realized I didn't want to carry a bag that I had to worry about so much.

    I still miss her sometimes though! :crybaby: