Cricut Questions Corner.

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  1. I'm in hopes of buying a Cricut soon. Most likely a Cricut Expression. Anyways, I had a few questions so I thought it'll be nice to have a Cricut Question Corner.

    Here are a few of my questions:
    -Is the Expression worth it over the Personal??
    -If you just buy the machine (either of them) do you need to buy a cartridge in order to cut out ANYTHING?? I heard that if it's just the machine alone, you will not be able to cut anything out.

    :flowers: TIA!!
  2. ^ yes you need a cartridge to cut anything. If you buy the machine, i think it comes with two basic cartridges.

    I have the Expression and love it. My friend had the personal and I didn't like how she had a size constraint. If you don't need larger images/text, stick with the personal.
  3. ^So the out difference is the size?? How big can h cut out with the personal??
  4. I'm not sure what the actual size limits are. My mat size can be 12" x 12" or 12" x 24"...i dont think with the personal you were able to cut over 7"...i don't remember, I just knew that when I wanted to make signs the fonts/images were way too small with her machine.
  5. I think the biggest that the personal cuts out is 5 1/2" by 11 1/2" inch. The expressions cuts up to 11 1/2" by 23 1/2". (You have to buy the larger mat seperately though. It only comes with the 12x12.

    As for which one, it depends on what you are doing with it. DH bought me the personal, but I wanted bigger cuts to make cute envelopes and other things, so I got the expression machine on the weekend. They happened to just get the pink one in at Michael's too! The only thing is.......I have to find big enough paper for it. I know Cricut brand has the 12 x 24 paper available, but most the time it is 12x12 or smaller.
    The personal usually comes with a cartridge to get you started. The expression one that
    I just got usually comes with 2, but this one had a 3rd.

    Missie, it's a great tool for you to use if you want to make stuff for your wedding too. If you aren't looking to make anything really big, the personal should be fine.
  6. I just wanted to bump this thread! I love crafty things and I've seen so many infomercials for the Cricut Expression and became obsessed. Anyways it was on HSN over the weekend and they packaged it with a bunch of other stuff so I took the plunge and ordered it.

    I can't wait to get it!! :happydance:
  7. Just wanted to update and say I got my Cricut last week from HSN! It's awesome!! :yahoo:

    I got the big bundle package with the Cricut Expression, spataula, mat, etching thing, vinyl and 4 cartridges (Sentimental, Forever Young, Songbird, and Straight from the Nest).

    My GF is having a bridal shower this weekend so I was about to put my Cricut to work. I just made simple monogram lettering to attach to the gift baggies.

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  8. I am OBSESSED with my Cricut Expressions machine! My DH bought me one last year and I've become a little obsessed with my cartridge collection as well. LOL. I also have the Gypsy which is a handheld device that you can take anywhere and design with. :smile: Lots of fun!
  9. I got the Cricut and I feel like there's so much I want to do but I don't know where to start. I just bought two more cartridges (Wild Card and a font one I can't remember). I can't wait!