Crickett Liverpool

  1. Has anyone purchased a bag from Cricketts in Liverpool. If so how smooth was the transactions. Would you recommend?
  2. cricket is a brilliant shop but do me a big favour and save yourself so my hassel ring them up to order dont do it over the internet
  3. It took my order two weeks to arrive in California. :yahoo: Not too bad at all!!!!!!!! They hardly ever reply to emails and didn't offer me a tracking #, but they are quite lovely it you call them. PLUS....I got a great deal!!!!!! I definitely recommend them:yes:
  4. oooh in other threads ive offered to go into the store and check out the bags see how devine they are so if you want any help just PM me btw! its no bother at all i usually go over once every 2 weeks or so
    its payday two weeks today so ill definately be in there then lol