Cricket stock

  1. Yer ive just posted this on the balenciaga subforum too but...

    I live near the boutique in liverpool and am going over tomorrow so if anybody wants me to check if they have a specific colour size style whatever of bag in then just pm or post in here id be happy to let you know.

    Just dont ask me for an update tomorrow because im not too good on my chloé or balenciaga so it wouldnt be very detailed lol

    Ill try and get some sneaky pics too if i can lol!

    yer was just an offer anyways as their website is NEVER updated hehe
  2. oh yer i forgot you only have about 3 1/2 hours to tell me before i wont check back for the night
  3. Thanks! I'm interested in "planets" by balenciaga in rouge 05 and black, and how much they are?
  4. ok ill have a look tomorrow for you and post it up. LOL one thing i actually know i wont have to ask hehe! ill find out the price too for you n/p.
  5. Guccigirl, I have been coveting the midnight blue ziplid chloe mini paddington on their website. I emailed them yesterday and they still have the one in stock, and I can return it if it is not big enough, but if you have a minute to look at it and tell me what you think of it size wise etc I would be soo very grateful[​IMG] (picture below). oh and dont spend too much money ;)
  6. lol i wont i wont! haha!! yer sure ill have a look for you and give you my opinion but tbh i put everything and the kitchen sink in my bags haha
  7. ahh thanks so much Honey. I am the other way, only carry my wallet, lip gloss and phone, so I am thinking they would be swamped in the regular paddy :smile:
    Happy shopping
  8. :flowers: hey GG, I have pm'd you, but just wanted to say publicly, thanks so much for your info on the bag........... I knew it would be a good one ;)

    HAVE ORDERED IT, am so happy, cannot wait to get it now:lol:
  9. yay!! that's PF teamwork!!!

    Congrats on your new bag, chloe-babe!! Post pix when you get it! I LOVE the color!!!!
  10. Thanks so much Redney, will post some as soon as it arrives which hopefully will be by middle of next week :smile:
  11. Hey Gucci girl, I'm from liverpool too! Whereabouts are you from?!
    I'm temp living in Cumbria at the mo but the girls at cricket are so sweet to me and I can ring up and order/pester them about new stock and they are SO helpful! Thats where I'm getting my Chloe Betty from!
  12. OMG WOW HOW COOL! im actually from wirral but its only 10 mins through the tunnel isnt it. Which part of liverpool are you from? WOW this is sooo cool! Isnt it the best shop :biggrin: and the women there are so lovely.
  13. ^ I'm from Norris-Green. Sorry, I thought you actually where from Liverpool. :flowers: I miss being at home SO much but I do go back most weekends. I can't wait to move back permanently. I love the fact that when I'm home I'm not far from the trafford centre or Chester, both of which I LOVE to shop at! :love:

    Have you been to the new shopping centre in Liverpool yet? It's got a MAC store (god I love mac!) and loads of other great shops.

    Your'e right about cricket. The staff are so sweet and they will do their best to try and get you what you want. :flowers:
  14. aww cool! i love liverpool but gotta admit i love manchester more for shopping

    Yer the shopping centre is cool! Flannels is AMAZING!!! YAY GUCCI IN LIVERPOOL!!! finally! and costa coffee haha! frescato mmmm

    Yer i shouldnt really put liverpool as to where im from but nobody knows wirral lol and its the major city so... yer yano.

    i dont blame you for wanting to move back its such a brilliant city *well most parts*

    Hannah x
  15. ^ Agreed! In a way I'm glad I am living away from home at the mo as I would deffo be bankrupt! :heart:

    I've been over to the wirral loads. Used to love going on the ferry, but now I drive I love going through the mersey tunnel! :flowers: xx