Cricket stock

  1. Hey,
    I dont know wether you know or not but i live near the cricket boutique in liverpool and as alot of you shop their for your damn sexy bags :love: i was just wondering if anybody wanted me to check an item was in for them? I know they have an internet shop but its never updated so yer just an offer.
    One thing though, its now 7pm here and you have about 3 1/2 hours to let me know. You can either pm me style and colour or post it on here.

    LOL or am i tempting you. Was just an offer anyways
  2. You really wouldn't mind doing that? I'm trying to find out what Day/Hobos they have in stock (what colours) but they haven't responded to my email yet, and I'm battling a sore throat so I don't want to ring.

    If you could I'd really appreciate it, but if not its okay. ;)
  3. Oo would you? I would like to know what Twiggy's they have in, and what their price range is... thanks!
  4. lol yer i really dont mind im going in anyway and would be oggling the bags lol ill be buying there too so they will treat me nice :biggrin::biggrin: hehe.
    so i dont really know the styles colours but ive been swotting up on the styles tonight so i sort of know and if i get stuck ill just ask lol colours are fairly simple arent they ill just explain them.

    I havent been there for ages though cant wait to see the new stock :biggrin:
  5. I'd like to know what cities thay have (now we've all covered the full range of bags LOL!)
  6. lol yer we have! ill be a busy blonde on a mission in cricket tomorrow lol!
  7. Any update Gucci Girl - you're so lucky to live near a stockist. Are their prices similar to LVR?
  8. I'd like to know what City bags they have, thanks for being so nice! I wish I lived nearby too :smile:
  9. hiya,
    update: i cant remember all colours but the ones i can remember are:
    metallic rose pink
    Light pink
    Dark pink/purple
    Very light blue
    A greyish/brownish colour
    orange tweed

    Cant really remember many more, was hoping to go back yday but i didnt have time to go to liverpool. I am going back on friday though so again if you want anythink checking *just note im crap at sizes and colours im no good on balenciaga*

    Hannah x
  10. Thanks for the update, Hannah!
  11. Hey thanks Hannah
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