Cricket Silver City: it's hereeeeee!

  1. Well, ladies, long story short, I went to the post office today to collect the Cricket parcel and.. there it was, separated from me by a wall of glass, standing out among other smaller packages. The lady picked it up and the... dropped it!!! And I made a face.. she freked out and asked me if there was something fragile inside and I was like "well, no, but I do not appreciate that you dropped it". Anyway, she handed finally the packet over to me.. I drove home, ripped apart the brown paper and THERE IT WAS!! The beautiful white box with "Balenciaga" written on it.. and inside... I can only say WOOOOW!

    The Silver City, with its silver hardware, is just GORGEOUS. It is unmistakeably legitimate: even if it's not the chèvre leather buth the agneau (calf, as they don't male the metallics in chèvre) it is incredibly squishy, like a glove. The metallic glow is yummy as sugar glazing. I was afraid the silver bag would be a little too "Donna Summer"-ish but in fact it's not screaming at all. It's a very discreet silver. The bag is purrfect in every sense: smells really nice, soft and slochy, checked all the authenticity signs and you just can see the superior craftsmanship. I'm soooo in love right now!

    Totally worth the hassle: I had almost bought an Ink or an Emerald at a local boutique here but I did not like the new leather. This is sooo much better!!

    I'm at work right now but I'll post pics as soon as I get home.

    Thanks ladies for the support. I cannot wait to share my joy in pictures with you! :nuts:
  2. OMG!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!! silver is such a nice color...I am dying to see pics :nuts: :nuts: :love:
  3. Oh, finally... I'm so happy for you!
    Congratulations to your long awaited beauty - and I'd love to see pics!!!
  4. Congratulations, I bet it's beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures!
  5. Wowow! I demand pics!
  6. I would have been quite upset to see my package dropped right in front of me, even if it had been a carton of styrofoam.. !!

    I'm glad to hear that Cricket finally came through for you, I know you were having lots of problems before. Now pictures of your purchase would be great ! :biggrin:
  7. So glad you finally got it!! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing pictures :biggrin:
  8. I wanna see pictures!!!
  9. PICS PLEASE!!!! I am not able to do that myself...I need help with pics, but pic please
  10. oh can't wait to see pics! congrats on your new bag.
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