Cricket In Liverpool To Start Stocking The Marc Jacobs Stam!

  1. Im so excited to find out that Cricket in the U.K are going to start stocking the Stam, They will be in from August.

    Thanks Justine cant wait for them :yahoo:
  2. OMG serious!!! thats just thrown all my london plans up in the air!!! i love the stam, its really grown on me and since cricket is right close i can go check 'em out first hand :biggrin::biggrin: yay!!!
    so do you live near cricket/shop there? or just online?
  3. I dont shop online with Cricket, i go to the boutique. I live in cheshire, i lived in crosby for sometime though.
  4. Hey thanks so much serialshopper for the info! I'm desperately after a baby stam so I can't wait to go and check them out in the boutique!
  5. Just a reminder, for anybody not close to Cricket that have to order. Do not place your order online, just ring them up, as the service on the telephone is great, but the website is disorganised chaos, and they only check it once every 3-4 days, so the bag could have been sold in the shop in the meantime :biggrin:
  6. Hey dont mention it :smile: They also have the baby stam in selfridges at the bull ring, not sure about any of the others but they definetly have them at the bull ring in birmingham. I went the other day and they have alot of bags in there, very well stocked.