Crib Recommendations??

  1. I bought this mattress for our davincy Emily,
    no complain so far, fit perfectly and my boys seem to love it as they've been sleeping 11-12 hours straight at night since 17 weeks old (so I assume the mattress gotta be quite comfy). Since I bought this, they have released a newer version of the mattress and here it is
  2. so we decided to nix all davinci cribs because when we went to BRU yesterday, the SA there told us that it is made with pinewood, which is a very soft wood and liable to scratches and dings. she ran a finger over another crib made of pinewood and it left a mark!! needless to say were back to square 1. right now though were really liking the europa baby palisades lifetime crib: its made with rubberwood which is supposedly much more stronger.
    eek i didnt know there was so much involved in the buying process!!

  3. I highly recommend the Baby Bargains's not just "bargains", but does an extensive review and grades every crib make. Plus everything else baby related! What is your price range and i can tell you what is recommended in your budget.
  4. I LOVE that book! I even brought it with when we registered!
  5. I'm prego with my 1st child and so clueless in regards to cribs.
    To pick ours out, I basically just joined consumer reports and picked the one they recommend as the best (based on safety, construction, ease of assembly)

    The 2 best for 2012 are the europa baby palisades and the pottery barn kendall. Both are in the $350-400 range and both are convertible.

    we're going with the europa baby palisades in cherry.. haven't actually gotten it yet but can post a review once we get it and assemble it (we're in the process of moving so no nursery until after we move into the new house. NOT fun when pregnant, let me tell you!)
  6. we actually bought the europa baby palisades in cherry. its a wonderful crib!! DS likes it a lot, its like his own personal world. heck somedays i feel like i should sleep in it since its so roomy, lol! we went with a serta mattress that we got from walmart, and that worked to well for us.

    also, it wasn't too bad to assemble.. but i can't be too sure since DH did the work, lol!!
  7. [FONT=&quot]Same thing happened to me when I had my son, great to see that you’ve put so many amazing products in one place! I love the modern designs and high fashion feel. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]

  8. I'm pregnant with my first child and we were also trying to decide between the Europa baby Palisades and PBK Kendall cribs. We ended up buying the PBK Kendall crib in chestnut and the Anderson dresser in tuscan. Both pieces arrived this weekend and they look great! I especially like how the dresser's tuscan streaks compliment the chestnut color of the crib (I don't like things matchy-matchy). I also like the fact that the Kendall crib comes with a built-in see-through teethguard rail.

    Don't listen to the reviews on the PBK site that complain about the pottery barn labels on the crib. The only visible stickers are the warning labels at the bottom of the crib and they are so small you don't even notice them. We didn't buy the mattress from PBK, instead we went for the Sealy Select Soybean Dream mattress from BuyBuy baby with a 20% off Bed and Beyond coupon.
  9. I plan on having the DH do the assembly as well :smile:

    Glad to hear it's a nice crib and holding up well.

    what furniture did you get to match it?

  10. your welcome! well for now i bought a cherry colored dresser from ikea that is serving its purpose till we move the baby into his own room. then we will go ahead and get more themed furniture for him. the crib is right next to my bed for now.
  11. I really want the whole pottery barn Madeline system
    a) it doesn't come in cherry and
    b) it's really pricey

    SO.. I found all the madison furniture plans on (she's awesome btw) and DH is going to build it and stain to match the crib! (To find madison plans go to "plans" then select "madison" under collection) .

    If DH succeeds I'll post pics :smile: