Crib bedding question

  1. I am super-picky about sheets, at least on my own bed. I'm a bit like the princess and the pea: any bump or scratchiness or anything bugs me (like starched sheets at hotels! Why do they do that?? It makes them scratchy. I spend half our tropical vacations complaining that there's sand in the bed and it ends up being like 5 grains.) So, anyway, it seems impossible to find the thread counts for baby sheets. Any feedback on Caden Lane or Serena and Lily? I think I'm going to end up with one of them due to the patterns. Are they nice and soft and smooth?
  2. I don't know, but honestly, I'd do only jersey or flannel.
    Jersey is SUPER soft and you'll be washing them A LOT so you'll need quite a few of them.
    Flannel is really nice because when you lay your warm sleeping baby on it, the coldness from regular cotton sheets won't startle them awake.

    I'm a sheet snob too, but we always used both of those w/ our kids.
  3. I am not sure about your question but I only use sheets that are 100% cotton for the first year of the baby's life as this is the recommendation from SIDS International Committee.
  4. I have to agree with the 100% cotton , i am due my 1st in a few days but have been advised cotton is best :shrugs:
  5. guess I should add that flannel and jersey sheets are cotton:yes:
  6. :yes: it is just the texture that is different , i believe.
  7. :yes:it is, I just didn't want anyone to assume that they were something other than cotton.
  8. Thanks ladies! They'll definitely be 100% cotton. I'll think about the jersey, since they would be super-soft...but not sure if I can give up my cute pattern...:sad:
  9. Will add that babies HATE, HATE, HATE cold sheets, so flannel is a good idea 0r jersey, somthing that feels cuddly... But then, we ended up cosleeping with both of ours because neither would sleep in their bed and you get to a point - sleep with the baby and get some sleep? or make the baby "try" to sleep in their bed and get no sleep.... the cosleeping won out! LOL
  10. My suggestion is not to buy very expensive crib sheets, since they will only (eventually) get ruined by leaky diapers and sick babies.
  11. DD's Maddie Boo crib bedding set came with velour sheets and I loved it, as did DD! They're super soft, but they're also $70 for an extra sheet. So for extras, I bought Crown Crafts NoJo Velour sheets and they're even better!!! DD loves to snuggle into them. Everybody I have recommended them to says they're great and their children love them as well. :tup:
  12. Thanks! ^^ I reached a similar conclusion -- I got my Caden Lane sheet set, since then I'll have the cute bumper, crib skirt, etc. But then I'll get some extra flannel and jersey sheets that coordinate to also use along with it! Thanks for the help, everyone!
  13. I have these in pink and white.

    They are very soft and warm. I am amazed that they haven't been ruined yet. My sheets are in worse shape then the baby's sheets.

    They also have them for adult beds. They feel so good, I think I may get some.