Crete, Greece - Shopping

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  1. Hi everyone, Im going to Crete in Greece this year and ive been twice before. I detest fakes and know Im going to come across some. When Ive been before ive never been able to find any designer shops. Has anyone ever been and could you please tell me where the designer shops are located and which ones ???. Thanks its very much appreciated :flowers:

    also If there are any websites that you know which are about designer shops in crete let me know. :smile:
  2. I looked for stuff online, but Crete doesn't seem to have any designer shops. There are a lot of nice jewlery store though.
    Hope you have fun!
  3. thankyou and thanks for looking :flowers: Im just wondering if anyone on this forum lives there, maybe they know of like a small shop that sells bits of designer things...Im just praying I can find something lol :smile:
  4. HI there....I go to Greece every year, but have never been to Crete, I could fill ya in on places to go in Athens though as we visit LV there and several other designer stores. Yes, you will find street peddlers selling fake handbags as well as CDs and DVDs....
    If you are stopping off in Athens then let me know and I will direct you to the street to visit!
  5. im off to greece too in july but im going to zante and not going to be doing much shopping :rolleyes: just eating, sleeping, sunbathing and a hell of a lot of partying haha! i cant really afford designer now anyways... uni in sept :sad: grrrrrrrrr have to make do with my small collection i have and save my ass for for months for anything