Crest Whitestrips Professional Supreme?

  1. Anyone ever try these? They are supposedly the best out of the Crest White Strips but you can't get them in stores-- supposedly.

    I bought mine off eBay as I'm an absolute eBay junky now and I saved a few bucks. But has anyone ever used these? THIS exact kind? I'm sure they must whiten, but are they dangerous? My sister has used the regular kind and her teeth have gotten sensitive. I did a little bit of "google research" but didn't come up with anything other than advertisements. You can get it anywhere online it seems, but just the fact it's the better of the Crest strips, I would assume it's obviously got more potent things on it? I've never tried it before so by going to that one first I just wanted to know what to expect. I can't imagine what sensitive teeth must feel like afterwards, for one thing!

    How well did they work? I chew so much sugarless whitening gum and use whitening toothpastes, nothing extreme, but my teeth are pretty bright. But I drink a lot of coffee so they are not 100% white and I'm hoping this will get me closer to that.
  2. I just bought a box from my dentist in December. I really like them! I've used the "regular" ones before that you buy in the store but the Professional ones are definitely much stronger. You'll see results quicker. My dentist did say that your teeth can get sensitive quicker because of the stronger formula so make sure you don't overdo it.

    They're definitely not dangerous to use. In fact, my dentist said that places like Brite Smile suggest using the whitestrips between visits to their facility to maintain the whiteness!
  3. I just started using them yesterday... 2 applications, and my teeth are killing me!! :sad: I was sure to keep them off my gums, but that whole area top and bottom hurts so badly.
  4. My friend recommended GO SMILE to me. I ordered my B1 kit from Sephora but i havent gotten it yet. She has the same problem as me with the entire whitestrips line (ie our gumsand teeth are killing us by the third treatment). According to her, the go smile kits work and dont irritate her gums & teeth. I'll keep y'all posted.

  5. So you think that the packet from Sephora is better than the Crest Whitestrips? I've been wondering if I should try that before I spend $500 and go on to my dentist to have them do it. I don't really need to have bleaching done a lot so a little would suffice.
  6. I'm DEFINITELY going to be trying out that Go Smile since it won't hurt so bad! If you wouldn't mind leaving a quick comment on how they work out for you, I'd love to know beforehand. I think I may give up on the crest whitestrips.

    It seriously feels like how braces felt-- that twisting feeling of your teeth being forced into place, eeew. I don't know why it feels like that but it's so unpleasant. I think I noticed a difference already but I think I may be imagining it haha. I only did two applications =\
  7. i just got mine - i ordered it from the gosmile website, where you can get a really great deal as opposed to what you'd pay at sephora or other places. it comes with a 30 day guarantee, so i'm going to see how it works. so far its day 2 - it does sting my gums a little, but its bearable. we'll see!
  8. ok- i just got my GO SMILE advanced B1 formula kit today. So far so good -no hurting (but I've only used it once so far). I will update this again as I do the treatments. So far its EXTREMELY less "cumbersome" than those annoying strips. There isnt any "taste" and its not "gloopy" either.

    I'm also not sure how GO SMILE rates compared to doing a $500 treatment at the dentist (I'm trying to avoid that as well). According to the DVD that came with my kit, Dr. Levine said the expensive dentist treatments have also yielded the same "discomfort" as the strips. (That could be propaganda too but I dont know since I havent gone the dentist whitening route)

    Anyone know if the advanced B1 formula ($85 from sephora) is different than the one thats on Go Smile's website (in the "Star treatment kit" that is less money)? I'm assuming the advanced B1 formula is more "potent"?

    I'll keep y'all posted on the progress.
  9. All right folks. So its day three. I'm completly satisfied with my Go Smile purchase. So far, I think my teeth are getting white pretty fast and most importantly with NO PAIN what-so-ever. I highly recommend this product (the Advanced B1 kit). Its worth the extra money to invest in this rather than the gloopy whitestrips.
  10. Sounds really good! Thanks so much for posting your experience with it. I've only been able to use my Crest Whitestrips a few times. It looks like the only way I'll be able to finish the pack is by using one application every OTHER day... in the meantime I'm definitely putting money aside for the Go Smile since it doesn't hurt and sounds like it's working really good!
  11. You are certainly welcome! I'm so happy a forum like this exists!

    I will post again at the end my kit and tell you my final results. I'm just so relieved there was no pain involved with this kit. I have seriously felt that same excrutiating pain of the whitestrips that you are going through (that was my last experience whitening 8 months ago), so now I will encourage you: Push on Adore- You'll make it through!

    and then when you are ready to whiten again, do go smile.
  12. C1976, thanks for posting about it!!! Did you take a picture so you can compare yourself?

    I want my teeth whitened before my wedding...and so does the fiance, since he drinks tons of coke and totally stains his I was wondering the following.

    What do they do at the 'Brite Smile' places? If people can get something like Gosmile, then why do people go to brite smile (i assume is more expensive?)
  13. I wished I had taken a photo so you could see the change. (I didnt want photogarphic evidence of my dirty smile I guess- hahaha).

    When I looked into Brite Smile years ago, I think it is more expensive. People probably do Brite Smile as its quick and easy for them (one time at the office for about an hour). I think its all personal preferrence. My boss did Brite Smile and was happy with it. But since I dont have the same "cash flow" as he does, Go Smile is the next best thing for me.

    AND CONGRATS on the upcomming wedding! I'd say, if you are getting married and have the funds to both do Brite Smile, then by all means (you will see the pictures from your big day over and over again throughout the years)... If the stains on your fiances teeth are really bad, Brite Smile might be correct it more towards his liking. I'm sure they would go over how much it would whiten his teeth during the consultation process (assuming they have a consulation prior to the procedure). For me, I drink TONS of diet coke (my stomache is probably rotting away as we speak) and Go Smile seems to be working great for me.

    I'd like to hear from people comparing Brite Smile to Go Smile....maybe we should start a new topic for Brite Smile vs. Go Smile?
  14. ^^thanks for the feedback, and thanks for the Congrats! I haven't even looked at price for Brite Smile. :p Now that you mentioned 'getting married' and 'funds', funds might be a bit short after all the planning. haha. Maybe I'll have him try Go Smile first and if that doesn't work, try Brite Smile. For me, it's not too stained, just not as white as I want it to be, so hopefully like you, Go Smile will be sufficient.

    Starting a new topic is a good idea!

    (side note: funny you mentioned diet coke rotting the stomach, cuz I soooo tease him about that too! He would have diet coke for breakfast(with his eggs and toast)...I thought he was nuts)
  15. I am wondering the same thing. I ordered the one from GoSmile's website, not realizing that it might be a different formulation. I have been using it for a few days and I'm really seeing teeth weren't that off-whtie before, but the parts of my teeth that were closer to my gums were darker than the tips, so I wanted a more even color. Its working well, though- it might be a less potent formulation, but for the price and the state of my teeth color initially, it was worth it for me!