Crest Whitening Strips..

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  1. I tried to do a search on this but did not find any...

    Has anyone tried the whitening strip program?

    I just bought a box last nite and have the strips on as I am typing!

    How did it go for you?

  2. They work awesome on me! I love them. I know it's bad but I keep them on longer than suggested! LOL :sneaky: :sneaky:
  3. Lol! I heard someone say that they make ur teeth sensitive..wonder if that is true?
  4. i've tried em, they were fairly easy to use.
    It recommends that you use them twice a day, I didn't do that everyday, around the third-fourth day i noticed a quite deal of change. It was definitely worth my money, I like to follow it up with a really good whitening toothpaste once i'm finished all the strips!
  5. they definately work! it did make my teeth sensitive after the first two years of using them so i just stick to the new listerine whitening mouth wash which really works wonders (i can taste the hydrogen peroxide which is the active ingredient in teeth whiteners).
  6. they work, that's for sure! my gums get really sensitive after about 5 days, so i use them until then, and keep the rest for a few days later.

    but they're quick and easy. i use mine when i'm in the shower or getting dressed! (or to ward off the late night munchies!)

    (and a note: the new aquafresh whitening trays are AWFUL. the stuff on the prefilled trays gets all over and it tastes disgusting. and definately not good if you have a bad gag reflex!)
  7. ^^^^ thanks for the tip!

    i was actually debating between the aquafresh trays and these crest strips!
  8. They definitely work! I used them about a year ago, and I still notice some of the effects. Your teeth won't stay PERMANENTLY white, but you'll notice that you did whiten them :smile: I didn't have any problem with teeth sensitivity, but my gums did get slightly irritated.

    The only thing I didn't like about the strip system, was the gooey mess that was left on the teeth afterwards - bleh!
  9. I just drank a cup of iced water..
    Now my teeth feel funny.

  10. oh yeah those things are great when I'm in the US I always get a few kits to bring home you can't buy them here and nothing compares. I find they do really work but yes your teeth do get a little sore
  11. Yeah they work my teeth hurt after a Label Addict said they do feel a little sore
  12. I used them before, only once a day for about 2 weeks and they did whiten my teeth :yes:
  13. From what I've heard, they do work. I've tried to use them, but I think my teeth are overly sensitive because after a couple days of use, my teeth hurt while eating. So then I used the Colgate paint on whitener which worked too, I think it was the overnight stuff. :biggrin:
  14. the soreness would go away after a you stop using them

    but for me, I had to use them once ever other day because I can't talk with them on and my house/work/school just requires too much talking... so I didn't get the optimal whitening results I had hope to achieve SO do try to do them daily!
  15. I just purchased some of these and started using them because I wanted to bring my teeth up a few shades of white. I had considered going to my dentist to do the big expensive whitening but my teeth are not that bad. I wondered how this works for most people and I am glad that there's a thread for this.
    So basically most of you recommend a whitening tooth paste in conjunction with these strips to make it work even better?

    I'm all about seeing results without breaking the bank.