Creme de le Mer ~ The body Creme

  1. That's great!!!!! and really fast~ Enjoy it & Congrats!!!!!! Such a nice way to treat yourself :smile:
  2. Yes, I guess he did. It was either the dry weather or our golden retriever. Now he just gets a little itchy when it is windy outside.

    I use the whole line and love it:smile:
    I am bummed that they changed the eye concentrate, its not as emollient now.
  3. Well got it today (creme de la mer) and I am at work so I cant use it. BUT it comes with a guarantee. If it doesn't do what it says it is supposed to do and you are unhappy with it you can exchange for another product or return all together. So that has me super excited. I always think if a company backs a product like that, it really most work for most. Hopefully, I am part of the most !!!
  4. Welcome to the "cult" lol!!! When I first started using it, it took a little while for my skin to adjust. When my skin adjusted, I couldn't get enough and bought the entire line. Congrats!! I hope you love it! :smile:
  5. I love the eye concentrate! When did they change it?
  6. About a year ago. It used to be a little yellower and more emollient, but there was an ingredient that people were reacting to (not me) and they changed the formula. I find it to be less hydrating now.
    I'm also bummed that they stopped making the Face Serum. Supposedly the
    Radiant serum is close to it.
  7. I really like the regenerating serum. It works wonders for me!

    I was talking with a friend of mine who is very particular about her skin care. She said she was having issues around her eyes and she used the gel creme and it worked amazingly well for her! I swear the la mer is a face lift in a jar!!! For me anyway......
  8. I'm using the Gel de la Mer. So far it is good. Is the serum better? I'm thinking of trying although I'm hesitating becoz of the price.
  9. I agree with you I love la mer. I have skin problems as well, it's worth the price if it helps a skin problem.
  10. I've always wanted to try it, but it's so expensive....*sigh*
  11. Bumping this. Looking for more reviews of the body creme. I'm considering ordering it. Thx!