Creme de la Mer

  1. I've used their facial creme..
    makeup does not go on well after using this stuff..
    not impressed.

    I'll stick to Kiehl's.
  2. I love la mer however the moisturizer is not my fav. I pretty much swear by all their other products except this, I've used better moisturizers. Their eye cream though is another story! That's my holy grail
  3. I prefer Creme Ancienne by Fresh over CDLM in our dry winter months.
  4. just got a gift set, let ya guys know if it works!
  5. Didn't work for me or my mother. The pinnacle of over-priced and over-hyped.
  6. here is my two cents. :smile:
    Creme de la mer isn't for everybody and you should definitely not buy it because of the hype.
  7. I LOVE La Mer!! It healed my eczema on my face and hands. I've never had skin this healthy! My skin didn't like it at first but once it did, I couldn't go without it. I use the entire line, fash wash, toner, serum, creme, eye concentrate and I get compliments on my skin all the time. The eye concentrate gave me an "eye lift".

    I don't think it is for everyone. I think you should try the samples for a long time first. I have combo skin with dehydration and eczema. My sister with normal/oily skin didn't find CDLM effective so I gave her all of my Kiehl's (which I don't find effective) and she gave me her CDLM products.

    If it's for you, it will work wonders. You either love it or hate it.
  8. I love this cream! Actually, I used the cream for about a year and I just tried using the gel version. Its lighter and I use it during the day (under makeup) and save the heavier cream for night. :smile:

  9. agree with you... it either works or it doesn't... but the serum is
    great for sure...
  10. I love it!! I agree you love it or u hate it. My skin is so dry and this has saved my skin
  11. HMMMM thought of buying it but rather go for regular brands such as Dior or just La roche porsay when it comes to skincare...
  12. I love Creme de la mer. I use the cream during the winter months then switch over to the gel during the summer. It's too much for my skin to use day & night.. so I only use the creme as my night cream. A little does go a long way. I usually apply it after washing my face & after using toner (when your skin is still dewy).. it helps distribute it better than if your skin was dry. Haven't had dry skin issues for the last 2 years. I've switched around a couple times to "save money" but each time I always end up going back to La Mer.
  13. I did not like this, but I think it would be great for dry skin which I do not have. It worked great on my elbows tho. Their exfoliator/refining facial is the bomb dot com tho!
  14. I have combination skin -- very dry on the cheeks, oily in t-zone. The cream was too heavy for me but the regenerating serum worked pretty well. It took a couple of weeks for my skin to get use to the serum but then it did start looking better. Did not buy again after I ran out. Got the same result much faster and cheaper with Jan Marini.
  15. The Cream I didnt like so much, but I tried there loose powder its sooo good! And you get a huge jar for 65 which is a little more than I paid for a small chanel loose powder