Creme de la Mer

  1. It's supposed to, but I find that it leaves my skin a bit taut a few minutes after application, unlike the cream/creme. It also seems to "evaporate" in the jar...

  2. No, it is lighter. It's better for hot months or daytime use with a sunscreen over it. It's still a good moisturizer but not for very dry skin.
  3. I have a question: how do I 'warm' the creme?

    I got the body creme and it's one of the best I've used, and along with it I got a sample of CDLM but I have no idea how to apply it. The instruction says to warm a tiny amount on your palms, and I've done some googling; some ladies said to rub it till it turns liquid, some say until it's clear etc etc. How long do you warm it for? 30sec/1min or longer and when do you stop? Really hoping that it works for me cause I've read reviews that it prevents eczema breakouts.
  4. I have oily skin and I use the gel formula .. I combine it with Retin A and I love the result!
  5. Just until it liquifies a bit and looks more clear than white. I just warm it up for a few seconds until it does that.
  6. This product might smell good, make your skin look better, make you feel nice about owning a high priced item, etc. I feel the same way when I try something new that seems exclusive and does nice things for me. Now, here I go...this product has not got one ingredient that makes it any better or different than ANY average product available. Not trying to rain on the parade. It's just outrageous that a cosmetics manufacturer takes the price to such a high level, then gives us a common, outdated formula, and expects us to be swept away. I know, I's none of my business, etc. But for good money, I expect quality goods. You wouldn't take that kind of nonsense from LV.
  7. It does work very well when you apply it right. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry and don't warm it up enough, it will not absorb for a long time and become very oily. I used up one jar of the creme and switched to the Gel formula. The gel is easier to absorb and lighter. I still recommend the creme for dry skin as the gel does not feel like a heavy moisturizer to me. I don't use my La Mer everyday thou, only if I'm going for any special dates the day after. It makes my skin very soft for up to 20 hours so I'm satisfied with that. Face also gets less oily when I apply this. Comparing to my daily moisturiser, Avene, I can tell that avene's effects doesn't last as long.
  8. Sorry I know this is kinda late... but to answer your question- I don't know if anyone is selling authentic la mer on eBay. I do, however, know of two discount beauty websites that sell creme la mer below retail: and My friends who have bought from these sites before told me they are legit. I might order a small promotional size la mer just to try it out.
  9. my mom loves creme de la mer so i purchased a skinactives kit and made it at home for her :smile: It was getting too pricey to purchase it every few months :sad:
  10. i love this product, and it works for me. the gel type supposed to work the same way as the creme kind.
  11. Always wanted to try this. Thanks for the review. Not wasting my money...
  12. Interesting, indeed!

    I also saw a youtube video the other day that talked about this product and the main ingredients in it...yeah...I won't knock anyone who wants to buy this, but no way would I shell out the kind of money they ask for this stuff based on what's actually in it.
  13. ^ exactly
  14. I adore the gel creme and a few of their other products too! I have used it for a few years now and my skin is so much nicer, softer and clearer! I tried to stop and buy less expensive skin care about a year ago but my skin was just not the same and as soon as i went back my lovely skin came with it! its amazing, for me!