Creme de la Mer?

  1. I want to try this but don't have access to it in stores near me. I don't want the big 1oz jar but just the small jar the .25oz :sad2: to test out. Does anyone know where I can get one other than ebay? I bought one once and it was all caked and dried up, I was so upset. I have rosacea and really wanted to try it :sad2: :love: :amuse: With the season change, my skin is going cuckoo :cry:
  2. I know Neimans sells this- try giving them a call, I am sure they will ship it to you!
  3. I read something on this forum that it really was not so good....let us know.
  4. Yep! I would call Neimans. You can order it over the phone and have it shipped right out to you. I hope it works for you!
  5. Nordstroms by me started carrying it too...They will probably send you samples of the other stuff too if you are looking at all their products. I love their stuff.
  6. I can order just the baby jar?
  7. try I just saw the website here on the forum!
  8. I'm quite sure that if you can purchase it in the store, you can purchase it over the phone as well. I'd give it a try!
  9. Sephora and Saks carry that cream. Let me know how it works out for you. I tried a sample and hated it. It was toooooo thick.
  10. Gloss is another website that carries the creme, so you could try them? I know they often give samples of products. Alternatively you could call La Mer customer service on 1.866.850.9400. Be wary of eBay as there are a number of counterfeit La Mer products listed.

    I tried a sample of the creme and found it to be too rich for my skin. I use The Moisturizing Lotion in the winter and The Oil Absorbing Lotion in the summer
  11. Have you tried going to a dermatologist? (sp?). My DH also has rosacea and got a bunch of professional samples that seems to work. One is called "Rosac Cream". That way you can save your $ for bags!! :lol:
  12. You can try

    It's a forum... maybe someone has a small jar that they haven't used.
  13. Yes, I have tried and nothing works. I might give it another shot though with a new dr. Thanks!
  14. I Looove it! I know it is too thick for some skin types, but it works great for me. (They do make a lightweight version as well). I am in the sun a lot and it keps my skin glowing. People always comment on my skin and I say La Mer. I even buy it for my best friend on her b'day. They do have small samples at Saks and Neimans. If you buy something else, you may be able to request a sample.
  15. Do you have a Nordstrom near you? I know that certain Nordstrom stores carries CDLM. They could have the cream transferred in for you to your local store. If you don't like it, have a bad reaction to it, etc., you should be able to return it within a reasonable time.

    Another brand that I like is Dermadoctor. The line is carried at some Nordstrom's & Sephora. It's developed by a dermatologist and she's gotten good reviews. But I don't have roscea, so I can't vouch how well this cream works:

    That's another option....