Creme de la Mer please!

  1. I am thinking of trying the Creme de la Mer cream gel and their new eye cream but am a little hesitant to plunk down $320 before getting some feedback from my fellow tPFers. Does anyone use Creme de la Mer products here? Please let me know how you feel about them. Thanks in advance!
  2. i think with this line it's very very subjective-there have been threads on la mer before, and there are those who love it and swear by it (myself and my mother included), and then there are those who hate it or thin it's a huge waste of money.

    the pros for someone my mother's age is that it's very very moisturizing and rich-she's used pretty much every cream out there, and she says nothing makes her skin feel moisturized like her creme de la mer. for someone my age, the oil free lotion is absolutely wonderful-the creme was too rich for me, and even the lotion was a little too heavy for my liking, but i really loved the oil-free lotion, it helped my skin achieve the perfect balance. i've tried the serums but i don't think i really needed them, plus i'm used to the feel of my estee lauder idealist so i couldn't really get into them.

    as for the new eye cream, the applicator is wonderful. i just picked up a deluxe sample of it from my favorite SA (for my mother), but she hasn't had a chance to test it out yet so no review thus far-the original eye cream was decent, nothing ground-breaking.

    the cream gel feels really nice on the skin, great for those (like me) who prefer not to have anything too heavy on their face-but i think i prefer the lotions to it, especially in the winter. the gel feels really nice going on, but there was something about it which i couldn't quite put my finger on that i didn't love.

    in my experience, they're very generous with their samples-i'd definitely test them out before buying. i asked my neiman sa for sample of the lotion, and he gave me 9 of them which pretty much added up to a full-sized lotion. with the pricier products i really wouldn't buy before trying unless you're positive you'll love it.
  3. I purchased a trial size of eBay and I'm still using it up months later it really goes along way. I love it. Would I pay $320 for it well I don't know.
  4. I use La Mer's new eye concentrate in the green jar with the cool little applicator. I like it but have not noticed anything ground-breaking going on with my eyes :shrugs:. Also that "cool little" applicator that I mentioned has only been used once and it probably cost $30 of the price for the cream :nuts:

    As far as other La Mer goodies, I use the following:

    Oil free liquid foundation: Love it :tup:

    Loose powder: Love it :tup:

    Lip balm: Hate it for the money, a total waste and it is off your lips by the time you wake up in the morning. :tdown:
  5. I don't like their eye cream, it did nothing for my eyes and make my eyeliner smear under my eyes. (Bobbi Brown Gel Liner that never budges!) I love their regular cream though, it's great on the dry spots on my face...very moisturizing.
  6. I'm using La Mer's new eye concentrate, gel cream , and the concentrate serum....let me tell you it's done wonders for my skin! I was never a fan of La Mer because I tried it in my early 20s and broke out so badly, but now I'm in my early 30s and it seems to work for me. Aside from these La Mer products I aslo use Obagi and medicated creams my derm prescribes.
  7. i also wanted to add that my mother absolutely loves their foundation-the one that comes in the jar, not the pump. it's a bit pricey for foundation but it lasts forever, and i've stolen it from her to use every so often, and i love it as well.
  8. La Mer is one of those products that either wotks for your skin or doesnt. It's all individual.

    Just make sure that you buy the La mer from a place that has a generous return policy in case you dont like
  9. I have been using it for a few years, on and off. I like the lotion better since my skin isn't that dry and I don't like heavy stuff on my skin. But in winter time, I use the cream at night to pamper my skin, it makes my skin feel soft and give them a glow in the morning. I have used other products but always go back. I recently got the gel cream from NM beauty event (extra samples!!!!), but haven't tried it out yet.

    I'd suggest you to get a sample to try them out first. I am thinking of getting an eye cream sample too.
  10. Personally I love la mer I used the moisturiser creme but found it left areas of my skin greasy so I switched to the lotion much better I don't use as much of it and it's fab
    It just takes a little adjusting to find the right product for you

    Be careful buying on eBay La Mer is faked too
  11. I use it and love it. The gel is soooo light and soft and just so great.. I prefer it over the creme... but all i have is the creme which works really great.. I love it... now for the price I'm not sure if its worth it? But i really like it :smile:
  12. ^You don't like it? OMG I die for the lip balm!!! I think its totally worth the money... in one application your lips get soooo soft... it does soak up pretty fast but it makes a difference.. And it lasts a really long time, I have had mine for over a year and still have good heaping amount left.
  13. I'm using Lamer Moisturizing Cream and love it so far. It's great if you have dry skin.
  14. It's so true that it's very individual. Why not look on eBay for a trial size before spending so much? I have sensitive, older skin and something in it makes my skin get little bumps, almost like pimples, but not exactly. So I didn't finish the trial size. Then I got talked into the eye cream and the same thing happened, so I've learned that it's just not for me.
  15. trial size on ebay? why do you bother to buy it on ebay while you can get it for free from the counter? :smile:. just a thought though....