Creme de La Mer (on oily/acne-prone skin)?

  1. I've heard so many miracles about this creme. Has anyone here have success with it? I want to try it, but I don't want to break out. I'm currently using Pro-active solution...
  2. I swear by this stuff. It works wonders on my dry cheeks and around my nose. During the winter I get all flaky. :s I am pretty much blemish free for the most part, but I do get acne around that time of the month. I usually do not apply La Mer to my t-zone, which is more oily than the other parts of my face and I do not break out. If you can get some samples, try out the gel version too. That's the lighter version for acne prone skin.
  3. i also have acne prone skin so, like priiin, i dont apply it all over my face
    i just use a tiny amount on any dry spots and where wrinkles would form, like on my forehead and eyes. i also put some around my nose. the key is to use a tiny amount. u rub it btwn ur fingers to emolisify it and then apply lightly
    i love it though & am never without~!
  4. ^ Oh yeah, I agree..very good point! Apply a little. It goes a long way!
  5. This is a definite NO for oily skin.
  6. I have really dry skin, so La Mer works great for me, however, I would not recommend this product for people who have oily or acne prone skin. It would probably help you with discoloration or scars after your skin has cleared.
  7. Good advice :smile: Always best just to use a little bit - especially when starting with a new creme. At least then if your skin reacts it doesn't react so badly.
  8. I heard La mer will work horrible on oily and acne prone skin.
  9. I have oily skin and La Mer is to thick and creamy. I mentioned that to a sa and they gave me a sample Emulsion La Mer and it still didn't work well.

    Thank God I tried samples before buying! I think it works best for dry/normal skin.
  10. you dont want the creme de la mer for oily skin. perhaps try the lotion? i have dry skin with oily tzone so the creme works for me.
  11. I don't know.....I have oily skin and am still prone to breakouts even at my age. Even with oily skin though, it still gets dry especially in the winter months. I use Creme de la Mer religiously, and have never had a problem. A pea sized amount rubbed between the fingers before applying is the key. The first time I used it, I used too much and it felt like a mask! I couldn't believe how little I needed. My skin has never felt better or healthier since I started using it.
  12. La Mer did not work for me. i've acne-prone skin. i got more brakeouts.
  13. Why don't you get a few samples and try it out? Personally, I'd rather test it first because of the huge pricetag.
  14. I have oily/combo skin and the SA recommended the creme de la mer gel creme for me, I just bouht it yesterday but I will report back on it.
  15. they also have the oil free version which is lite and nice for all over

    i actually own both, the creme and the oil free version & i prefer the creme to erase wrinkles

    i have very oily skin and had horrible acne. applying the la mer on trouble spots(eyes & forehead) has never bothered me
    i have never really had dry skin bc im so oily. i guess i'm bascially using the la mer to erase and prevent wrinkles