Creme de la mer allergies

  1. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.

    Has anyone else had very serious allergic reactions to The Concentrate? My face swelled up so much my mother was all set to call the doctor as it was as bad as when i had had a reaction to medication. I had tried samples and loved it and so splashed out £250, big mistake, it even smelt different to the sample. I took it back and the sa insisted that it would be impossible to be allergic to it and that it must have been something else i was allergic to. I have tried it three times over the past year now and had a violent reaction, the next day not immediately. I asked the sa to take a sample to test to see if it was contaminated but i never heard back, she was so snotty i felt too intimidated to go back and ask even though i had spent over £400 on various products over a couple of months she made me feel like i shouldn't be bothering her.

    I would be grateful for any feedback thanks.
  2. This is regarding the eye balm intense. I've been a regular user of the eye balm for the past couple of years. I only stopped last year the month of May when I went to Europe and had an allergic reaction. I thought it was the mixture of the product and the different environment that caused my eye area to be irritated, thus I stopped and used another product for my eyes. When the eye cream I've been using ran out last week, I opened a new jar of the eye balm intense (bought only this december)and just on the first day of using it, my eye area swelled up immensely! Not only that, the following days had my eye area go through a number of stages ranging from swollen to extremely rough skin to peeling and now a very red rash. La Mer is known to be one of the top skincare lines and yet this is what I get. The products are extremely expensive compared to others, and I think I deserve to get better results. It's been a week from the time I got the allergy and until now my eye area is far from recovering even if I've already taken allergy medicine. This is truly disappointing.
  3. I hope that you ladies can return your products and get your money back, especially if they are causing such adverse effects.

    Whether or not a brand is a top skincare line or is excessively expensive doesn't determine if you will react to a chemical used in their products.
  4. I bought the Concentrate and it didn't give me any negative reactions but I didn't notice any improvement. I've used their eye cream as well and it burned! I got a sample of their famous face cream but it just broke me out and did nothing more. I just returned the items I bought. I stopped using anything from La Mer.
  5. I don't react too well on la mer products. my get red and flaky, so la mer's nothing for my ultra-dry skin either. it's a hit or miss with cosmetics, and no price or claim will garantee you that you won't react to it. just bring it back to the store you bought it.

    my skin for example doesn't like organic products too much and products for sensitive skin(though it's obviously sensitive) but this doesn't apply to all brands.
  6. Wow! Wonder how many other folks shed out the cash for La Mer and experienced this reaction; only to feel embarrassed to return the product.
  7. I can't believe this SA had the audacity to speak to you like this, she should definitely get penalized for this behavior - I would file a formal written complaint.

    What you are describing sounds like an adverse event that should at the minimum be reported to the manufacturer for safety reasons. What government agency deals with regulation of cosmetics in your country ?

    Go back and return the cream and do not let SA boss you, if she starts being obnoxious again - kindly yet firmly ask her if she has a medical degree and is a licensed medical professional with adequate training to diagnose you. If she starts giving you trouble, stop talking to her and speak directly to the store manager or a floor manager.
  8. Yeah I can't use La Mer either.... Sample was fine.. so reaction... but full sized products makes my skin gets stingy and breaks out with these little bumpy dots! Went back and got a refund!
  9. I was allergic.....turned out they use fruit in it that I'm allergic to..funny thing is I used it for years before that happened.
  10. This is the one reason I try to use samples or trials of products before I buy a full size... my skin and I don't agree right away so I have to find something that will be tolerated by my skin before I commit to a FS of that item.
  11. ITA. That SA is not a medical professional. Return the cream and get your money back.

    The Concentrate is the 1 La Mer product I do use regularly, and I've never had any issues with it. One of the cleansers burned my eyes so badly that I couldn't use it, but otherwise I've never had an issue with their products.

  12. ^ I just looked and realized how old the original post was! I'm going to guess the issue has been resolved by now. :lol:
  13. im sorry but i didnt like this line at all. i tried the whole la mer cream and lotion. eye cream and cleanser. none of it impressed me at all and the cleanser didnt wash my makeup off at all. eye cream gave me irrititations too!
  14. I have never ever been allerigic to any skin care (cheap or expensive) or food, so when I started getting puffy, ichy upper eye lids, I threw out my Dior mascara, when it didn't help, I threw away Dior eyeshadows: it didn't help either. I stopped using all makeup, and only then I realized it was La Mer Eye Concentrate that gave me this terrible reaction. I will never buy that product again!
  15. Yes, I had a horrible reaction to the creme de la mer as well!! I had huge red rashes on my face that took almost three weeks to heal. I barely left the house it was so bad. Don't use if you have sensitive or dry skin!!!!!!