Creepy: Seller asks me to send him pics of myself

  1. So I bought something off eBay recently. I checked my eBay right now and I had a new message:

    "What is your ethnic background? You have a very interesting and unusual name. Would you please send me photos of yourself so I can see you properly? I like to see my buyer :smile:"

    Umm... yikes?
  2. What a creep! eBay this days.....
  3. that's freaky. yuck!
  4. I know. :s

    He has my addy too.
  5. Ugh, that's just weird.
  6. WTF?! That is so creepy. The creepiest question I've gotten so far -- from a buyer -- was from a guy who asked (about a pair of Louboutin's I'd listed for sale) "Would these shoes look good on a MAN? Can I see a photo of how these shoes look on you?" eBay these days is just freakin' unbelievable.
  7. Oh Jesus ! :blink::shocked::shocked:
  8. Gross! What a freak!
  9. What a creep!!! Report him to ebay, this is not professional!
  10. That is so creepy.

    What is up w/ some people these days?

    I got a call the other day from some guy asking for Matt or something. I was like, "there is no Matt here, you have the wrong number." It rang again, and it was the same guy asking for Matt again. I tried to help, so I was like "you still have the wrong number, what number are you dialing? this is [my number]" Then he goes, "what's your name, you sound cute..." I was like, "uh, I have to go... " :rolleyes:

    Creepy stuff!
  11. I'm sorry but I'm LMAO at this. Yes, it's super creepy, but funny in a sick way. Like I can't believe what some people do...what a FREAK!
  12. I'm going to have to agree with CitCat. I was lol'ing when I read that but seriously, what a creep!! Good thing you didn't pay for money order or anything or he'd have your address too! :nogood:
  13. He already has her address if he's sending her the item.

    By the way, what did you buy from this guy?

    I would just ignore him and pretend I didn't get the request for a picture. What else can you do? :shrugs:
  14. Report him to ebay immediately! He has your contact info. How scary...
  15. wtf that is NOT right!!!