Creepy doctors -- ever have one?

  1. Have you ever had to go to a doctor that just creeped you out?

    The doctor I'm thinking about retired years ago, but he puts a frown on my face everytime I think about him.

    Nothing too specific....I called in for the annual pelvic exam/pap test, and he was the 1st available...if I wanted to see a female doctor, I think I would've had to wait another 6 weeks, so I just said "okay" since I didn't have a regular ob-gyn.

    Anyway....the doctor did the breast exam differently (more prodding & poking) than any of the previous doctors I've been to... and without a nurse present. I wouldn't say he was unprofessional, but he very carefully explained (almost justifying?) what he was doing as he was conducting the exam... and I just got a really weird vibe about the whole thing.

    A female nurse came in for the pelvic exam part, and the Dr seemed a little more distant with her in the room. Still... I was vaguely uncomfortable the whole afternoon after that & was glad to hear he retired soon after.

    I've made it a point to see only female doctors after that experience.

    Anyone else?
  2. The OB/GYN I saw regularly when I was in my 20s got booted out of his practice for (allegedly) touching a patient in a sexually inappropriate way. He always had his nurse in the room when I saw him but he definitely had a skeevy vibe. But I liked him and felt very bad for him that this happened.
  3. mine isnt as bad as yours but its my FAMILY doctor that use to creep me out. Whenever I go to see him he does this body or upper body examining every time. Where he checks my breathing and then tells me to lie down and starts tapping me with his knuckles on my muscle and stomach, then he'd kind of lift my the flap of my pants up and sometimes undies and examine my pelvic area and sometimes you can see my youknowwhat. i dont know if this is normal.
  4. my OB doesn't have a nurse present when he does my pelvic or breast exam. However I feel 100% comfortable with him for some reason.

    But one doc that creeped me out? My EYE doc. Yeah, who would get freaked out over an optometrist? me evidently. Just being in a dark room with this guy SKEEVED me out for some reason. so I went and found a new one...

    You have to be comfortable with your matter if it's your "general", OB, or even Eye doc...I feel your health matters most and being comfortable with the people who look after you is of utmost priority.
  5. My cat's vet was pretty creepy...kept looking at my chest..and at one point asked what ''1977'' meant on my shirt ( it was printed on there--AE tee shirt )...what a perv!!
  6. eww I have only ever had female doctors and will continue to only have female doctors.
  7. Ugh, yeah, once. This doctor who was a good friend of my aunt's. He was old and had a creepy face.. and he used to speak really slowly. For some reason I didn't feel comfortable around him, even though he never did anything improper. And he got on my nerves 'cause he was always on my case about my piercings back then.
  8. My old gyno didn't creep me out, but he was really condescending and treated me like a child. I hated that! I had seen his physician's assistant or nurse or whatever at the practice prior to him so I never had to deal with him until my surgery, but after that I was seeing him. I had practically diagnosed myself with endometriosis, but then he went on to explain why I get my period. :rolleyes: After he argued with me about depo and dismissed my concerns about it, I found a new one.
  9. The worst doc I ever dealt with was at a walkin clinic. I was sick, and my primary care was not in the office. The first thing this guy does after introducing himself is ask me, "So were you in the Marines?" I realized that I was wearing a Corps hat, and I said yes I had been. His next question floored me. He asked, "So have you been in combat? Have you ever killed anyone?" I was EXTREMELY angered by these questions. They had NOTHING to do with why I was there, and there were inappropriate questions for almost any situation. I stated that I do not talk about those types of things, and he badgers me about it. Finally, in an attempt to get him off the subject I tell him that, "well I have been shot at and I have fired my weapon, you decide what you want from that." Apparently that was not enough. I finally just said enough was enough and walked out.
  10. A couple years ago I saw my grandmother's doctor for a quick physical since I needed one to participate in school sports..

    He creeped me out a little bit - nothing major but I just got this little feeling - so when he asked me if I had have any "sexual activity of any kind" I denied it.
  11. Well, This really happened to me when I was 15. My mon thought I was too skinny (around 98 lbs, I think, but I was very petite at that age, I am 5'0" and 121 lbs now at 27 years old) anyways.. she took me to see this doctor and he looked at me, he did the upper body exam that was talking about.. he sent me to the lab to get test for anemia, everything came ou good and he told my mon there was nothing to worry about.. he gave me some kind of multivitamins...

    One day, out of nowhere, he called my house and I picked up the phone, my mom wasnt there.. so he said he just wanted to know how those vitamins were working for me.. he was asking many weird questions like. how many times a day do you eat... that was Ok.. then.. things like how was my poop, and I was like, its fine I think.. and then he asked me.. DO YOU MASTURBATE? and I was like what??? and even tho I didn't answer he kept going.. How do yo do it, do you put things inside?? I was sooooo scared and hung up on him.... I never told my mom... 'till I was like 20, she was so mad... He looked for him but he was gone!! retired I guess.... It makes me feel :sick: when I think about it
  12. ^^ WTF!?! Perv alert!!!
  13. ^^^ aww cry i'm so sorry that happened to you..thats so horrible
  14. i feel real uneasy around male doctors so i just see females.
  15. ^Im the same way! I always feel five times more comfortable around female docs. Unless theres an attractive male doc :graucho:Ill always try and find someone female.:yes: