Creepy Creations

  1. Anyone do any festive baking for Halloween this year?
    I baked these for our office Cake Walk.
    My kitty litter cake was a big hit!!:roflmfao:


  2. That is so cool!

    I was dying for pumpkin pie tonight, so I made little individual "pies" in a cupcake pan. I made up some regular pumpkin pie filling and then I put a gingersnap in the bottom of each foil cupcake wrapper, filled them to the top with pumpkin pie filling and baked for ~30 mins.

    They came out so good! I'm proud of myself :shame:
  3. OMG that kitty litter one is hilarious... so gross looking (not insulting your baking... you know what I mean haha)
  4. kitty litter is A-MA-ZING....i keep looking at it and going :wtf: eww!!! thats so good! lol
  5. MIl had a halloween party and we went crazy on the food. i dont have any pics, sorry.
    we put red foo dye in pickled onions to make them look like blood shot eyes. a flaked almond on the end of hot dogs to make them look like fingers.
    this one was tricky, hollowed out oranges and filled them with oange jello and made them look like pumpkins.
  6. That kitty litter is SIC! I need the recipe, my DD would absolutely DIE!
  7. I made a little cupcake "graveyard" that turned out pretty well. I covered them with orange frosting, then took a milano and drew "RIP" or a cross on it in black frosting and stuck it in. I made little dirt plots in front of them with chocolate sprinkles...everyone really liked them! I wish I would have taken pictures, but they were gobbled up too quickly!

    I actually didn't follow the recipe exactly. I baked a chocolate cake and frosted it with a yummy cream cheese frosting, then I decorated the top with the "recipe" mixture. The idea of an entire mushy cake was pretty gross :yucky: IMO, so I cheated a bit to make it more edible.

    This cake was so fun to bake/make. It didn't fool our cat.:nogood: He gave it a whif and moved on.
  9. that litter cake is so creative!!! thanks for sharing, i'm filing this away.

    it looks really realistic but good thing it didn't fool your cat!!:lol:
  10. I like the coffin and tombstone cakes! I don't think I want to taste the kitty little one though. LOL. It's so realistic. Good job!
  11. i LOVE your kitty litter cake
    it looks so real!
  12. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! She is sooooo getting that for her birthday. She'll be 15 in a couple of weeks and is having a dozen or so people over for a bonfire. I cannot wait! :nuts:
  13. omg that cat liter is disgusting. lol!
  14. The kitty litter cake looks SO real. lol. It is pretty gross, but so creative!
  15. They are fantastic! I love baking (can't cook) and your decorating skills are excellent!