Creepy Bag!

  1. I Agree That Is Creepy
  2. Ewwww. That is so repulsive!!
  3. that's disgusting :yucky:
  4. I'm tempted to bid on this as a future gag gift, depending on how the bidding goes. It's up to $26.
  5. Creepiest bag I have ever laid eyes on !
  6. I can't believe people are bidding on it! Yuck!:yucky:
  7. That thing need to be thrown back in the swamp. Looks like it bites!
  8. What? Looks like a closeup from a nature show!
  9. Nooo.. poor little gator, you see his feet and everything !
  10. Can you imagine getting that as a gift and unwrapping it? It would scare you to death!
  11. OMG!!! I'm appalled!
  12. Disgusting....and sad...
  13. I think most of the people bidding on that monstrosity are hoping to give it as a gag gift. This bag is even creepier than those fox stoles that still have the fox faces and heads attached, teeth included.

  14. I agree 100%! Now....logically I understand that bags come from leather, but I couldn't imagine looking at the poor little creature who gave his life to make a bag. So sad! :crybaby: