"Creedless" Hamptons Leather Turnlock Wristlet

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm a new Coach bag owner and this is my first post (been a lurker for a few weeks now though..). :smile:

    I just bought a bronze Hamptons Leather Turnlock Wristlet from a boutique. And I realized that there is no creed inside! Is that normal? Does this wristlet come with no creed?? Does anyone have this? I do love it though, it feels really nice. :smile:

  2. Wristlets don't usually have creeds.

    The bronze sounds lovely!
  3. Wristlets don't have creeds.... I noticed that inside my new capacity too.
  4. Holy quick replies! Thank you! I was getting worried that I might have gotten something defective.

    Yes, yes, it is lovely. :smile: :smile: I bought my very first Coach bag (a leather Madeline) a month ago with a friend who introduced this to me. I told the SA that I wasn't going to buy anymore pieces!! She told me that she knows that she will see me again... well, she saw me today.

    Now I also want a black leather Carly.
    With a ponytail scarf to umm.. accessorize my accessory..

    I think I will need to join a 12 step program soon....

  5. most of the wristlet don't have creed... the only one that have (that i noticed) is 41203 Signature stripe stripe wristlet
  6. Is it the Capacity wrislet? Mine didnt came with a creed either. Could you post a picture of yours?

    Welcome to tPF, BTW.
  7. I thimk there were a few wristlets that came with creeds. Most don't.

    Welcome to tpf. and the addiction.
  8. The older coach classic wristlets (with the pocket in front) came with creeds. All of the newer wristlets I have don't have one.
  9. I have the blue scarf print wristlet (#41223) and it has a creed in it. None of my other Coach wristlets have them.
  10. I just bought a wristlet for my sister at the outlet, and it HAS a creed in it. I think it's a signature stripe wristlet.
  11. I have a mini signature soho (I think) wristlet, the one with the little pocket and it does not have a creed.
  12. The Signature Stripe Capacity Wristlet that I purchased last week from JAX contains the Coach creed.