credit note/gift note.....what to spend it on.....I know BIG problem;-)

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  1. #1 Feb 12, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2014
    Hi Ladies,

    I returned a scarf last week because it turned out, it just wasn't my color. Now I have a credit note for just under 300 euro. I thought I could easily decide on something else.....but I could really use some insight!

    I thought about a smaller item. Already have a clefs, wallet and mini pochette. I am thinking about a bag charm, but can't help but wonder: am I overlooking a great smaller item??

    An other voice inside my head is saying to put it towards a larger purchase. would love an mon monogram NF, but that leaves a really large gap to fill, money wise...

    Any thoughts??
    Please help me out!
  2. You could do a bracelet!
  3. How about a regular pochette? or a zcp?
  4. Cosmetic pouch? :smile:
  5. Shoes! Ballet flats!
  6. I would go for a cosmetic pouch I have one and it is so handy!
  7. How about a Pochette NM, I couldn't be without mine! GL
  8. save it in a vault! they don't expire so you can use it once you have enough for a bigger purchase.
  9. don't use it until you are sure. No need to rush :smile:
    Because once you use it you will probably find something you love lol
  10. i say save it!! something might catch your eyes a few months down the road and you will have credit there just when you need it! I always love knowing that theres a little something extra there to use as a cushion in the future.
  11. Save it! If you can't find anything you love right now, just save it for what you do love later down the line!
  12. The new releases are just around the corner :smile: I would vote for waiting too !
  13. the chams are my thing and there are beautiful
    how about a make up bag or cover for
  14. Thanks Ladies! Very good suggestions. I think I am going to hold on to it, till I see something that I realy like. Maybe a Zippy coin purse.

    Feeling just a little pressure because of the upcoming price increase ;)
  15. Save it until you find something you really want rather than just spending something because you feel you have to.