Credit cards...

  1. I need to apply for a new credit card, but I want to know what are your opinions? I have good credit (in the early 700s) and I want something with a low interest rate and rewards. :amuse: Does anyone have Amex Blue? I definitely DO NOT want to pay a annual fee. Suggestions?
  2. We use our AmEx for miles. I love my Macy's Visa because the points go back to cash in the store and I can always shop Macy's. Norstroms does the same too. We have 4 Discover cards and I use to only use them all the time but they give you points like .25% of sales for the first $5000 or something rediculous when other cards are giving 1 -5% back. Not as competitive, wouldn't strongly suggest unless there is something they have on their Rewards page that you want. For instance, we get their Blockbuster certs so we use our Discover enough each year to get those.

    AmEx is usually okay, pretty competitive to Citibank, Chase Cashback but some months it has good deals like March and April is 20% cash back (they usually do that once a year - the big one, January 2005 it was like 16%)

    I am very up to date on CC and I think usually the better rewards are around 2 -5% :smile:

    Good luck!
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    PS. Almost all CC have free annual fees. AmEx is free for the first year.

    AND use one that gives you 0% for the first 12 -18 months. Take out a chunck of money. Put it in a CD at the bank. Pay your minimum balance, (which I know I just took out $30K on my MBNA for 12 months 0% and my monthly payments are $15.) Or invest it in something. When the 0% is off, cash out the CD or investment and pay them back.....

    Be a smart investor! We have tons of investments this way. Borrow the money off a 0% CC buy a house, flip it and pay back the 0%

    :smile: Let me know if you have any other questions! :smile:
  3. Thanks so much! do all Amex cards have annual fees after the first year?

  4. I just got Amex blue and so far so good. There's no annual fee for Amex Blue, you get points for every dollar you spend, 0% APR for the first 6 mths, and a lot more benefits.

    Read more about it here.

    Also I heard that Amex is really good for consumers, lots of protection: price adjustment for the first 30 days even if the store doesnt allow it, return protection, etc.

    I recommend it!
  5. Love my Discover Card. 1% cash back on all purchases, and 5% cash back on whatever they have on special for that month. This month is anything auto related (including gas!). They also have one of the best websites for account access that I've seen. Don't know what the interest rate is, I pay it off every month.
  6. Me too! And the credit card itself is very cool looking.
  7. i just got an AmEx blue as well, they do up to 15 months no interest, no annual fee ever, rewards for every dollar spent. i recommend!
  8. Whoa! 15 months? How did you get that? I only got 6.