credit card verification for communciation purpose??

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  1. hi,
    It is weird that I was just trying to contact a seller on eBay, sending him a message regarding the item, the system asks me to provide my credit card informatino to complete the communication. It is really weird. I have been contacting US sellers a lot, and no such thing ever happened.
    I am just posting this to ask, is it some sort of new regulation?
    I also saw at the top of the credit card verification page that says" use this form monthly charge for the sellers.....'
    I don't understand.

    Thank you very much
  2. Never heard of this! Don't provide any stranger any personal info or financial info. Email eBay if need to. Very strange.
  3. That sounds weird. Do not give any information out. eBay would never ask for your credit card information to complete an email to a seller.
  4. Sounds very suspicious... never give away your personal details. Care to share the seller's id???
  5. Never give your credit card information to anyone! Was the link through ebay or through your personal email account? You should report this to ebay.
  6. ^^^ ditto
  7. Forward that entire e-mail to And please don't EVER give your CC number to anyone online unless you are using a service like Paypal to pay for an item. WAY to dangerous and almost always a scam.
  8. Hi, I got that same message the other day and it was ebay asking for my credit card info. I decided to cancel the message. I'm having a dispute with a seller from the UK. I bought the purse, it was fake, and filed a paypal claim. then I reported the item as fake and because of that, it no longer exists on ebay. So...I can't contact the member through ebay anymore without it asking for my credit card info. I had their email addy so I used that. The people are bad guys anyhow so it was a fruitless effort to drum sense into them with an email so I am not corresponding with the seller at all now. But...I still don't know why ebay needs that information if you are just asking a question!:shrugs:
  9. you want me to go to their house and ask for your money back? :p
  10. Yes, just like lynn1946 said, i got it from ebay, it is through ebay, and it is ebay system thing. I also felt very suspicious. Anyway ,i guess the only thing i can do is pass on that purse. Thank you very much!!!!If anyone knows it is really an ebay thing, please let me know.
  11. :yahoo: That would be a great idea and thanks for offering. But this guy is not nice. He tells me he is a gentleman (haha) but he uses all caps in his emails and has threatened me and all sorts of ugly emails. I'm just so sick of dealing with him. :crybaby: PayPal told me to not contact him anymore.
  12. hi bingdan,

    It happened to me as well, the system asked for my credit card numbers and it so weird (my 1st ever time, using ebay) then i quit.

    anyone else seen this ?

  13. May hackers are hacking eBay now? So scared!
  14. Be ever so careful. I have spent a lot of this week sorting out a loss of over £3000 from my bank account following the theft somehow of my debit card details. It has been beyond worrying, exhausting and irritating. I have no idea, nor does my bank, how they got the card details, but I do know all the fraud was committed over the internet and I am now super, super cautious about disclosing any details. Stay safe and be very vigilant.
  15. ebay is now verifying members through cc to cut down on jokers and scammers.