Credit card slots tearing up in LV wallets

  1. I'm wondering if I'm the only one with this problem. I bought a monogram canvas compact zipped wallet a few years ago. After a few months I realised one of the cc slots was a bit torn. After one year I went back to the same store (there is no LV in my country) where I had bought the wallet and they exchanged it to a new one.

    Now I've had the second wallet for a year and I'm getting scared that the same thing will happen again. None of the cc slots has been torn but it seems that there is a big chance something will happen if I keep using the wallet.

    I looked at the LV wallets on and it seems that most wallets have the same kind of cc slots with round edges. So is there anyone else that has had problems with the round edges tearing up? I'm really careful when I pull out and put in any cards so it can't be just me being careless or something.
  2. I had a mono wallet too and after about 5 months the same thing happened and the edging was peelng too. I am careful with my LV's too and I was not overstuffing it either. I took it back to LV and they offered to give me new one but I opted to go with a MC agenda instead. I do have a cles that I use to cut down on the amount of cards that I have in the slots.
  3. My LV wallets are stuffed to capacity with 3 cards per slot. Way more than should be in in cc slot. Only thing that happens with all mine are they're stretched out of shape. Which is better than being torn. Hope you can exchange it again.:shrugs:
  4. I have never had a problem with my LV wallets.
  5. I haven't had any problem with Epi, but I never put more than 1 card per slot.
  6. That's what I have done as well, only one card per slot. Maybe I'm just having bad luck with the wallets. I'm sure I will never purchase again an LV wallet because I would just go crazy protecting it. As there hasn't been any tear yet I guess I'll stop using it until I get a chance to go to Louis Vuitton (that'll take about six months though) and ask their opinion and if they are willing to do something if it seems that the one or more of the slots will eventually tear.
  7. ^^^ Same here... I've never had a problem with my wallet and I only put 1 CC in each slot.
  8. No problems with my two wallets!
  9. Hmmm I think it should be fine, there was probably just a defect with the first one. Don't worry- just love your new wallet and use it like you always do!
  10. i've never had this problem...i had a lv wallet and left it in a cab, and ended up buying a mj zip clutch on the spot. oh how i miss my lv for some reason (i'm not really a huge lv fan, but that wallet was fab)!
  11. I have two Lv wallets they are both fairly new but I don't baby them. They both look great . I would use your wallet .You said there is no sign of tearing so I don't quite understand why you stopped using it. Good luck and just try to enjoy it.
  12. I have up to 2 CCs per slot (3 slots), so rarely only 1 card per slot and if I take them out I'm not really carefully because I try to be fast and 2 in a slot make it a little hard to slide out at once so I use a bit of force. still there's nothing torn, only a bit stretched stretched (Taiga wallet) and I'm using the wallet daily for almost 1 and a half year
  13. I only have 1 CC/slot and I keep the extras in the cles.
  14. I have a utah compact wallet and have never had any problems like that with mine. I have been using it constantly for over 2 years now. It does have alot of card slots though so I have never doubled up, but I certainly dont baby it.
  15. I have used my wallet every single day for well over a year and I have had no problems at all, only one cc per slot