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  1. I'm signing up for my own credit card soon and I have no idea what to get. I plan on paying off my credit card in full every month. It's mainly going to be used for making big purchases like handbags. It feels weird for me to pay for my bags in cash because I don't like carrying around so much. What do you ladies recommend?
  2. I hate to sound like a commercial, but when I was in Europe, every place took Visa but not every place took American Express.

    Okay, I really did sound just like the commercial.
  3. Lol!!! True, when my family and I traveled, everywhere we saw was visa, american express hardly.

  4. I agree, Visa appears to be more widely accepted.. but AMEX also has good rewards for using it...
  5. Visa... it's everywhere you want to be :biggrin:
  6. I agree - they take Visa everywhere from when we were in Italy, Greece, England, & even India!
  7. It sounds like I'll be getting a Visa card then. :biggrin: Does Visa offer rewards like Amex?
  8. I love my American Express :love: because it forces you to pay in full at the end of the month, and there is no pre-set limit. :nuts:
  9. American Airlines Advantage M/C
  10. I have one Visa and one Mastercard. I didn't have credit cards until last September when my financial advisor told me I had to get two for establishing credit. Visa is very good if you do a lot of international travel because it really is accepted everywhere. I got the Mastercard through b/c if you were approved you got a $30 gift certificate, and who doesn't love free stuff?
  11. Visa Visa Visa Visa. All 4 of my CC's are Visa!
  12. I love my platinum American Express because of the benefits it offers. Yeah it has an annual fee, but it is SO worth it...especially if you travel alot.
  13. American Express all the way baby - no pre-set spending limit. You can elect to pay the balance in full each month or pay charges over time. I suggest the latter because that keeps you out of trouble! Also the membership rewards program is awesome - so far I have accumalated two TVs, a stereo, gift cards and travel rewards. Each year for the Christmas holiday I cash in membership reward points for gift cards to give to family and friends.
  14. Evidence that earning points equals cool stuff - and that you can do it with your check cards too, if your bank participates in the VISA Extras program.

    Last fall I bought a LG front load with pedastals washer and dryer with my Visa Extras points. Cashed out 800,000 points for Home Depot gift cards; and got $2000 of my W/D covered, I think I paid $400 in cash (tax adds to the total). :P

    Last summer we cashed out 400,000 Visa extra points for Home Depot gift cards and got patio materials to build a 550 sq ft patio in our back yard.

    Starting in November, for x-mas, we cashed out AMEX gift points with different retailers and spent less than $200 of our own money on x-mas gifts for 2 families.

    We love earning points - I have cashed out 200,000 in visa extras since January 06 in Saks Fifth Ave gift cards, totally $500 in gift cards, and bought a whole bunch of new Juicy Couture terry sweat outfits.

    Let me tell you, earning points is fun!!!!

    Before you think that we are horribly in debt with our spending - our VISA extra points are off of our Business Check cards - And our Amex is a business platinum.

    My personal rewards cards do not reap as much benefits - since I don't charge that much - :P
  15. Visa, goes everywhere in Europe, where I live. Works without problems in the USA as well, I think.