credit card payments

  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in selling several items through eBay, and i would like to get some feed back on how I can obtain direct credit card payments from buyers as an added payment option besides paypal, or can i accept credit card payments using paypal without my customers having a pay pal account.

  2. you'd personally have to have a credit card machine to accept them w/o using Paypal.
  3. I use to sell Longaberger baskets. It is a big pain to accept credit cards yourself. Consultants had a special deal with a processing company. I can't remember how much it cost for each transaction. It took a few weeks to get my payment from the processing company. Then my stupid credit card machine would loose all it's data if you turned it off. I had to call tech support and reprogram the machine, which took forever. The machines are not cheap. For selling a small amount on eBay, I think PayPal is the way to go. It's easy and not too expensive. I am very uneasy giving my credit card number to people (who I don't know) who accept credit cards themselves. Your customers can pay you with a credit card via PayPal. It cost a little bit more.
  4. You can also use another service instead of Paypal, like Bidpay.
  5. My friend owns an online business and he has used several independent companies through which he can manually (or automatically I suppose) process the transactions. For all of them there is a certain fee you'd have to pay either monthly or per-transaction. It is a lot of hassle but if you don't sell items in high-volume and have the time then it may be worth it. It really depends on what kind of "business" you have, or if you're just selling random items around the house. If you'd like I could gather some of the names for these companies, I can't recall them off the top of my head so I'd have to ask him. Let me know and good luck with your choice!:smile:
  6. I just checked out Bidpay and the fees seem a little bit cheaper than PayPal (at least for payments from U.S. buyers). The international payments are $.20 more than PayPal, but that's no biggie. Thanks for suggesting Bidpay. I sometimes get buyers who don't have a PayPal account or who want to pay with a credit card. I've also used Google checkout, which has no fees until the end of the year, but eBay doesn't support them, and won't let you put anything on your listings about them. So what I did with that is put a note in the payment section of my listings that I also take credit cards through a secure checkout and then have to email an invoice to them through Google checkout. It's worked out ok so far, but I wish Ebay would just allow sellers to use them. But then they wouldn't get all of their fees, since Ebay now owns PayPal too!