Credit card holders?

  1. I´ve realised I need a credit card holder badly for those little clutch bags so the card won´t get scratched. What kind of choices are there at H? I would only need one card slot, it would be good if some money could go in there too but it´s not necessary. Please post if you have pics:flowers:
  2. i got this style (dunno the name) to store my cards. i can at least fit 20 credit cards (10 each side).

    you can fit your bills on one side & cards on the other. :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for the suggestion... I'm going to my H store today to look for it.

  4. I love the bearn card holder...
  5. This Is Something I Have Thought Over A Lot....I Still Use My LV Card Holder (My DH & DS Have The Same One) ~ It Serves It's Purpose....I Actually Want Something A Little More Toned Down.
  6. Thanks Aspen!!!! Post #5 ~ The Black Box:nuts: Would Be Perfect!!!!! My DS Just Saw The Picture With Me ~ He Told Me The Yellow (His Favorite!).
  7. I bought my husband this one and it holds a lot of cards and cash too. I am going to get one for myself in the near future.
  8. Ooh thanks for this link! I LOVE the one that Mizzle posted, the pink one; thill it seems to be called. That would actually be perfect for my needs. I´ve never seen these on eBay etc. I wonder if it´s just because I wasn´t looking KWIM?

    Thanks for the pic bbbochap, that one is adorable too!
  9. Nola, I have this one (old photo w/my Piccolo) that easily fits at least 7 cards or so; I use this one for all my video, rewards/bonus cards. Another alternative would be the Clarisse PM which is a thin zippered compartment that has one outside slot for a credit card. Not sure if someone can post a photo as I don't know if the search function is up, or perhaps there's a pic in the small leather goods ref thread.
  10. ^^^ Orchids, what is this one called?
  11. I wish I knew for sure--it has the same clasp as the Bearn--perhaps Bearn CC holder I'm guessing? :shrugs:
  12. It is lovely! :love:
  13. here's the clarisse in orange mysore :

  14. Orchids-That´s gorgeous! I have a Bearn wallet so that would go really well with it.

    Pazt-Love my Clarisse Gm, so the Pm is about a card size? That´s fab actually, as it would be skinny also.