Credit Card Holders

  1. Can anyone tell me how many card slots are in the credit card holders? And does Chanel offer more than one size of credit card holders?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I bought the charms credit card holder... it can't hold alot, it's CC size too, so maybe like 6? total or so, I can't remember, I don't have an exact picture of it cuz my sister brought it back home. but of course there's the internal bit where you can stack cards I guess.

    it's a tight squeeze though
  3. Thanks for your quick reply. I'm looking for something to fit in the e/w flap. I wonder what other people carry with their e/w's?
  4. oh this isn't a long clutch wallet I'm talking about, it's really just a small credit card holder, just abit bigger than a CC :smile:

    so yes, good to fit into tiny bags :smile:

    to be honest when I carry a medium sized flap and less I just carry emergency cash and cards, no wallet :smile: it's kind of impossible to fit a decent sized wallet in unless you don't have coins, and don't carry much makeup or a phone :p
  5. get a small compact wallet and just carry less of other stuff ? =]
  6. Could somebody be really kind and post pictures of Chanel credit card holders? (And price info would be even better!)

    I do not carry a wallet but a credit card holder along with a small coin purse. My current credit card holder has taken quite a lot of beating already, and it would be nice to get a new one at some point.

  7. Here's mine ... can't remember the exact retail, I think it's $265
    ccreissue.jpg ccbag.jpg
  8. I just got one from another PFer, its super slimline, and for me it will be very handy as the wallet takes up alot of space in my bag, as my wallet is super puffy :biggrin: In the middle you could fit easily 2 cards, and there is space either side for 3 more, so plenty even for the most hardcore of credit card users lol :biggrin:
  9. sorry forgot to add, will take a piccie in a little while :smile:
  10. There is a new style of card holder which could hold a bit more. It is the same version as LV monogram canvas card holder. Here are the pix :idea:
    img10153025932.jpg c-a36501-94305-bk-c.jpg c-a36501-94305-bk-e.jpg
  11. ^^ Does this one have a space for bills?
  12. If you mean the one I have posted. I guess not. It is the same like LV so it can hold only cards.
  13. Lib, when I use a smaller bag, I use my key holder. It really has plenty of room for several credit cards and some bills. It's posted in the reference library if you want to check it out. I think it may cost a bit more than the credit card holders though.
  14. Debbie, thanks for the suggestion of the key holder. I'll try to find your post. And what is this "Thinking Orange"? Which orange are you thinking? Birkin?????
  15. I can pretty much fit a regular wallet in my e/w. I often use an LV pm agenda as a wallet and it fits in my e/w along with compact, lipstick, phone, and mini powder brush and card case. When I use only my card case I have which is the red perfo chanel I can fit a ton in the e/w. The card case can fit about 6 cards in it with some cash in the middle spot, you may be able to push it a little more but I don't know if it's worth it.